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Fund a Cobble

By The Hunt Museum


Fund a Cobble, create a Museum in a Garden wants to honour the debt of all of us to the frontline heroes and heroines of Covid19 and to forever remember it's victims with a brand new free and open to all Museum in a Garden. 

We are aware of the dangers of social isolation to our health and well being and how the importance of community has grown in recent months; many of us have also discovered the joy of gardening and open spaces. As we all emerge from quarantine, Hunt Museum in the Garden provides an exciting, community driven space for everyone to enjoy. Our award winning designer, Nicola Haines has extensive experience of delivering on time and within budget and she will be working with volunteers from the local Men’s Sheds, Limerick Mental Health Association, Team Limerick Clean-up, local schools and Enable Ireland.   

Funding just one cobble will help raise some funds to do the landscaping, create community gardens, play areas for children and to place supersize replications of some of our amazing objects, that are usually “hidden” in collection cases, for all ages to play on and enjoy. Engraving the Cobble means you can commemorate someone special. 

Cost for the landscaping of the garden to health and safety standards is €80,000.

Funds raised from the Cobble campaign will go towards:

  • Removal of 300 meters of railings to increase public access;

  • Landscaping the new design - new paths, raised mounds, seating areas etc;

  • Choosing & engraving the cobbles;

  • Planting;

  • Creating a community garden;

  • Installing the 3D printed sculptures.

We believe that culture belongs to all of us and should be easily accessible, not hidden behind walls.   Over the last 25 years, we gained a lot of experience in ways to innovatively engage children, schools and the community in the The Hunt Museum collections and their importance to Ireland's history. See our current #MuseumFromHome to get an impression.  We are working with local companies and the Limerick Institute of Technology to take our 3D scans and render them as objects that can be played on in the garden.

The Friends of the Hunt Museum have already raised €25,000 with the JP McManus Foundation Pro Am, €5000 from a private donor as well as sponsorship from Kirby engineering. We need another €25,000 from this Cobble Campaign, while we continue to raise the remaining €25,000 from other sources. Any risk that we cant raise sufficient funds outside of this campaign to complete the entire project will be managed by delaying some aspects of the garden until Spring 2021. 


We send you a big virtual hug and huge thank you when you choose one of our great rewards!  We will keep you posted every step of the way as each of your cobbles become an exciting new Hunt Museum in a Garden.  Together, we will change lives with culture, creativity and learning and in a small way make our world a better place.

Winning Design by Nicola Haines, Copyright Nicola Haines