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Funding ‘Fainne Oir’

By Mike Hannon


Hi, I'm Kathy Fahey, the composer and co-producer of 'Fáinne Óir' http://fainneoir.com/. This production is the realisation of many years of personal dedication to the development of music in and beyond County Mayo! It is also the chance for me to tell a story that is very much a part of our history. I am seeking your support for a contemporary music and dance experience that tells an Irish story of tragic loss, enduring love and the triumph of humanity. My original composition, ‘Fáinne Óir’ will have its world premiere in the Royal Theatre, Castlebar on September 20th, 2019 with the US premiere on September 26th, 2019 in Peter Norton Symphony Space on Broadway!

  • The Mayo Concert Orchestra will perform the new work accompanied by acclaimed traditional musicians, Stephen Doherty (flute), David Doocey (violin) and Diarmaid Moynihan (uileann pipes).
  • Ciara Sexton is choreographer and lead dancer. She has starred in 'Riverdance', 'Heartbeat of Home' and 'Lord of the Dance'.
  • Mayo based choral group, Voxfusion will provide choral accompaniment and the narrator for the event is actor, Sarah Lafferty (Broadway and West End).
  • Original sets for the production are being painted by renowned artist, Padraig McCaul.

    The entire budget for staging the show in New York approximates at €60,000 to include travel and accommodation (Production €13,200, Vocals €16,000, Music €17,400 ), NYC based dance will cost €6,000 and theatre costs, which include theatre and seat rental, engineer, instrument rental and lighting come to €7,400. Funds raised through this appeal will be applied towards meeting NYC based dance and theatre costs as well as defraying the cost of travel and accommodation.

    My production team includes Mike Hannon and Padraig McCaul.
  • Mike engages in outreach to the US and has previously been involved in bringing Irish shows to NYC and Boston. These include 'An evening with Pete St John' at Symphony Space and a production of John B Keane's 'Moll' in the Town Hall Theatre, both in New York. 
  • Padraig McCaul is creating an original set of 15 paintings based on the story of 'Fáinne Óir' and these will be incorporated in set design. He will manage lighting in sympathy with the music and sets.

    There are substantial challenges and costs associated with bringing the production to the US, but it is important that the diaspora share in this story of famine and emigration. We have an extensive sponsorship and advertising campaign in progress to assist in meeting our costs, as well as running an aggressive ticketing campaign. Cast members are also contributing towards travel and accommodation costs. 

    Your support for the 'Fáinne Óir' project recognises your commitment to the arts in Ireland! As an Irish woman passionate about my music I am proud of my new composition as it starts its journey and thank you for helping me make it happen. My thanks to narrator of 'Fáinne Óir', Sarah Lafferty, for the attached video which will tell you more about the production. Sincerely Kathy Fahey, composer!