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FUNK Dance Performance

By Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre


Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre is presenting its recent professional production FUNK at ABSOLUT Fringe 2012 and we are asking for your generous help and support to do so.

FUNK involves 6 dancers from 6 European Countries performing quirky and quality contemporary movement to the funkiest sound track you have ever heard.

FUNK is an exciting, energizing, inspiring performance so why not help us stage it and then come along and have the funkiest night out you can have. FUNK will be presented in the Samuel Beckett Theatre as part of ABSOLUT Fringe.

Your support would play a vital role in helping ensuring we can bring this performance to a wider public and raise the profile of our work. We are committed to making work in Fermanagh and presenting it to as wide an audience as possible. ABSOLUT Fringe offers us a fantastic opportunity to raise our profile and test our work out on a wider audience. Your generosity will help us do this by supporting the cost of rehearsals in Enniskillen and the time we will be spending in Dublin i.e. travel, accommodation and rehearsal space costs.


FUNK has been created by Artistic Director Dylan Quinn with the help of 5 wonderful dancers:

Vasiliki Stasinaki, Jenny Ecke, Namiko Gahier-Ogawa, Rita Pinheiro and Eithne Kane.

The sound track is a fantastic mix of classic and contemporary funk including George Clinton and Bootsy Collins, James Brown, Gloria Walker, Castor Pollock, Sly and the Family Stone amongst lots of others!!

The performance is presented in an open forum with the audience and the dancers mingling together. Dancers appear and disappear at a moment’s notice with the audience never really sure where the next wonder of movement is going to come from.

it will leave you feeling FUNKY!!!


Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre is a Community Interest Company (Social Enterprise) based in Enniskillen Co. Fermanagh. We are small but dedicated and work hard to develop dance across the community, education and professional sectors.

We deliver a wide range of projects and classes as well as creating professional performance work.

Dylan has been working in dance for over 16 years as a performer, educator and choreographer. DQDT was established almost 3 years ago and over that time has created a number of performances and projects for the company and other organisations across Ireland, the UK and Internationally.

All of the dancers involved in FUNK have considerable experience with various companies and choreographers, they bring a wonderful combination of experiences and styles to the performance.

We are working hard to play our part in ensuring that quality professional contemporary dance continues to be created outside of the large metropolitan areas in Ireland and in particularly in our case in the North. We would be very grateful for any support you can offer in helping us along this journey.

You can find further information on our website or feel free to give us a shout.
Thanks for taking the time to consider (and hopefully supporting) us.




Nearly the end

Hello everyone, Thank you for sticking with us and offering your support to FUNK. I fear I see the final curtain falling on us before we get to reach our target but yet in the distance there maybe a light, a dim but growing light so we will not give up hope. Right up to the wire we will struggle on and I trust you will stick with us. Your support not ony ensures that we can present FUNK at the Fringe Festival (a first for a Fermanagh company) but it also helps ensure that undertaking this work does not have an adverse impact on the many other activities we deliver across the educational, community and professional dance sectors. DQDT is committed to working with and across a range of communities in promoting dance and supporting FUNK will enable us to honour this commitments. So many thanks to you all from all of us. x

slowly slowly creeps the monkey

Hello everyone I hope you are well. I would first like thank you all and particularly our new funders, we are extremely grateful for your offer of support. We continue to promote the project through a variety of sources and we are staying optimistic! I (Dylan) have been trying to contact you each individualy to say thank you however I don't have contacts (we will obtain them if and hopefully when we are successful) for everyone so please accept my thanks via the website. DQDT is busy doing a range of activiites that will help support the performances at the Dublin Absolut Fringe Festival inlcuding the standard bag packing and a big massive Ceili in the Kilyhevlin Hotel so if you are in Enniskillen next Wednesday please do come along it will be great craic. In relation to FUNK at the Fringe all flights are booked, accommodation sorted and we will begin the advertising of performances shortly. We begin rehearsals in a couple of weeks and can't wait for the performances. I will be back in-touch shortly and hopefully with more support in the pot! All the best Dylan

Moving forward

Hello everyone, Again we want to offer a massive thanks for all you wonderful people who have offered to support our project, we are slowly slowly moving forward and hope (even with the challenge ahead) to get there. We have been updating people via our new newsletter (which we think looks good) , twitter and facebook and Dylan is now busy doing personal emails to a variety of people to inform them about the campaign. DQDT is committed to raising the required support through a variety of means and hope to justify your support by continuing to create high quality dance performances. (FYI we have just got the go ahead to develop a new project funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland which confirms our professional work into 2013;-))). Thanks again for your support and we hope to be back with further good news soon. All the bet Dylan

And so it begins!

We would like to offer a MASSIVE thanks to those Funders who have started the ball rolling we are v v grateful! We hope that others will follow your enlightened lead. We will be regularly posting on our social media sites to continue the 'fundit' process and will, via this blog, keep you up-dated as to the progress so far. While we are currently booking accommmodation and flights for the dancers (as they are coming from all over Europe) we are also in the process of developing up some additional publicity material for the performances and hope to get this completed in the not too distant future. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. Thanks agan.

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