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George Bernard Shaw- Heartbreak House

By Spoonlight Theatre Company


Spoonlight Theatre Company is a brand-new unfunded theatre collective, based in Dublin, and founded by recent graduates. Heartbreak House is the first production of this exciting new company, and will take place as part of the 10 Days in Dublin Arts festival, in the beautiful venue of the Back Loft. It will run from the 11th - 14th July. We hope, with your help, to offer audiences a rare chance to experience the topsy-turvy, intriguing world of Heartbreak House.

Spoonlight Theatre was founded by three recent graduates, Ronan Murphy, Sam Coll, and Liza Cox, who met in Trinity College, and came together to form the theatre company, over a shared love of and wish to create engaged and engaging theatre. Liza Cox, the show's director, has varied experience in amateur theatre, in various capacities, including directing an adaptation of Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman in December 2011. Sam Coll has acted in a diverse range of professional and amateur film and television productions, from the Gaiety to Bollywood film, and will play the eccentric and fascinating Captain Shotover, said to be Shaw's own self-portrait. Ronan Murphy, a professional musician, also has a wide ride range of theatrical experience, including developing and staging a play based on Joyce's Finnegans Wake. Husni Hafid, the show's producer, is a film student with a passionate love of theatre, and a broad range of experience in production.

A group of guests arrive for a weekend stay in a country house, a house which is built to resemble a ship. It is occupied by a siren-like woman, her peacock husband, and presided over by a crazy old sea captain. The assembled company are “very charming people, most advanced, frank, humane, unconventional, democratic, free-thinking, and everything that is delightful to thoughtful people.” However, there is something in the atmosphere of this curious house that drives people to act in unpredictable ways.

In the wake of the revelations and typhoons which occur over the weekend, the characters are faced with the challenge of how to live out the lessons they learn. In the words of Captain Shotover, the ultimate lesson is that of navigation: “Learn it and live. Or leave it and be damned.”

This rarely-staged and under-appreciated play, we feel, has been too long neglected. This production, performed by an extremely talented cast and put together by a passionate and dedicated crew, is one which we feel with confidence will be both entertaining and thought-provoking.

However, our energy and enthusiasm alone won't fund the play! With your support, we will be able to stage this production to the high production qualities we value. Every pledge, of whatever amount, makes an enormous difference to us!

Sincere thanks from all at Spoonlight!



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