136% Funded


Target: €3000


€4,085 Raised


60 Funders


By Peter Bodie



Filmbase and Staffordshire University have come together (in Dublin) to create a unique Masters-level course where sixteen MSc Digital Feature Film Production students collectively work on a feature-length film. The film will be directed and crewed by the group of post-graduate students with technical assistance provided by Filmbase and members of the Irish film industry.

This (as yet untitled) film is centered on several characters struggling with their reversal of circumstances in post-Tiger Dublin. The feature-length film consists of three intersecting scripts written by established film-makers.

The story concerns an unemployed executive, a Polish office cleaner, a Serbian window-cleaner, and a reformed drug dealer and the difficult choices they make in their post Celtic Tiger reality.

Everyone in this production is fully committed to reaching the highest standards possible.


My name is Peter Bodie. I am coordinating this FUNDIT project on behalf of the class. The other members are; Meraj Abid, Christopher Brennan, Mel Cannon, Fran Cassidy, Laura Way, Jen Davis, Ian Downes, Barry Doyle, Trisha Flood, Maria Hylton, Stephen McNeice, Dave McCabe, Brian Moran, Rebecca Massey and James O’Brien


The participation of the following actors is confirmed:

Mark O'Halloran (Adam and Paul, Garage)
Rory Keenan (The Guard, The Clinic)
Conor Mullen (Holby City, The Silence)


These award-winning writers are contributing their time and experience to ensure that the project reaches its goal of quality production and industry recognition.

Conor Horgan, (One Hundred Mornings, The Beholder, Deep End Dance)

Conor McDermottroe (Swansong, A Woman’s Hair)

James Fair (Watching and Waiting, The Ballad of Des and Mo)


All funds raised will go directly to the filming budget under the direct supervision of Filmbase.

We have branded our fundraising activities under “GetUsToGalway”, as one of our goals is to achieve a screening at this year’s Galway Film Fleadh.

We are all attempting to make a feature film that will showcase our talent, enthusiasm, drive, energy and passion for filmmaking. We all have something to offer as filmmakers and we want our first film to be a showcase of our commitment and creativity.

Equipment, insurance, post-production, technical supervision and mentoring support are already covered as part of the course. Collectively a cash budget of €7,000 has already been raised by the crew towards the production expenses of the film. However, we still need to raise additional funding.

The expenses are significant despite so many people donating their time and expertise. We need to raise at least an additional €3,000 to help cover our costs for catering, transport, props, wardrobe and locations. The success of our fundraising directly impacts the production values of the film. Feature films eat money!

Your kind and generous contributions are requested to ensure the success of the production - and to Get Us to Galway! Whatever you can afford is welcome and appreciated. So please contribute and spread the word and we will keep you updated.


If you require further information do not hesitate to contact us.