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Glass Ceiling - Film Short

By Wytaofilms


Glass Ceiling highlights issues facing women in trying to get in to the upper echelons of the work place; whether senior managers or board of director level. Currently, 4% of CEOs on the FTSE 100 are women.

This short movie brings together Samantha, a serious candidate for the job of CEO of a major corporation with Richard, her interviewer and chairman of the board of the company. His family built up the organisation over decades and his is having problems reconciling how a woman could lead his empire.

As their meeting unfolds we see the increasingly bizarre lengths Samantha must go to, to attain parity with her male counterparts. We also see Richard fumble around questions relating to pregnancy and motherhood; burning questions he wants answered but knows he cannot ask, officially at least.

Glass Ceiling will provoke, amuse, frustrate and entertain anyone that has encountered barriers in the workplace or in their life. Samantha and Richard are not just individual characters, they both represent constituencies at the heart of this issue; a debate to the fore in current media. The context for the movie is all about us and this short story merely intends to provoke and entertain.

Glass Ceiling is not about one woman going for a job and one man trying to pry into her personal life intentions. This film is about us all; our prejudices and our acceptance of the norm.

Remember, if it’s a ceiling made of glass then it is made to be broken.

This film is written by Fergal O’Byrne and directed by William Morgan.
The talented cast includes Best Actress IFTA nominee Gemma Doorly and Patrick Joseph Byrnes.

We are excited by what we have seen in readings and rehearsals to date.

We really need your help to make this film.

Our budget has been pared back to the bones. What we can do for nothing, we are doing for nothing. Cast and crew are on board for the adventure and the promise of good coffee and sandwiches!

Your contribution will fund:
Essential equipment hire (camera, sound, light, grip) for the 5 day shoot.
Location Expenses
Insurance - Equipment & Public Liability
Film Festival Submission Fees

We'll cover the coffee and sandwiches.

We would love you to get involved in making this film a reality. No contribution is too small or too large!

If you want to know more check out our Facebook Page for more photos and updates on our progress.

Thanks for your time.
William Morgan & Fergal O’Byrne



Let there be music...

Delighted to announce our opening music for Glass Ceiling is this beautiful track from Tisvilde, entitled Repentence Song. https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/repentance-song-single/id609134315

88% Funded!

Delighted with the FundIt Campaign. We are now at 88% of our target. Thank you very much to all who pledged their support.

Location, Location, Location.

Checking out locations tomorrow, including a potential boardroom. Hope they have swivel chairs in it. Gotta love them!

I hear music...

The lads at The Cotton Tree Project are working on composing some original music for Glass Ceiling. Who knows, it might just be something pitched high enough to break a glass ceiling?!

60% - Thank You

In a matter of hours we've jumped from 30% to 60% Funded and our campaign has only been live for 4 days! Very excited and motivated to get into production early in the New Year. Thank you for your support.

Great support!

Our Glass Ceiling is well supported! Over 30% towards our target already. A huge thank you to all those who have supported us so far, whether financially or emotionally! It's greatly appreciated.

Now we're motoring...

A huge thank you to ANTHONY VAUGHAN who has offered to provide the executive transport to be used in the film. We're told it's a very clean and tidy Audi A6 (Either that or it needs to get a good clean and tidy!) Anyway, from now on he wishes to be known as 'The Transporter'.


We are currently looking at locations for the shoot. Looking for a very swanky boardroom (if anyone has one they're happy to let us use!).

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