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Globe at Baboró Galway

By Baboró Children's Festival


Baboró is now recognised as Ireland’s flagship international arts festival for children and families in Ireland.

We want you to help us to bring the stunning show Globe to Galway on October 22nd and 23rd, 2011, as part of our biggest Family Weekend ever. By pledging support to this project, you will be directly involved in bringing this multicultural, heart-pumping music and dance spectacle to the festival.

Created by percussionist Robbie Harris and Dave McFarlane, this very special Family Show features Robbie Harris (Bodhrán and percussion), Adelson Maia (Brazilian Berimbou and Capoeira), Mick Donegan (Tap Dance), Nono Mandolo (South AFrican Gospel), Daire Bracken (Fiddle), Niwel Tsumbe (Congolese Guitar and Vocals) and Kelly Baldonado (Brazilian Dance and percussion) and live video feed, The finale is a full-on participation by the audience, playing the intriguing BoomWhacker! And if you don’t know what that is you’ll just have to come to the Seapoint Ballroom and get your hands on one!

The productions values for this show are of the highest international standard, and that’s where we hope our Fund:it Partners will come in.

All funds raised will go towards recreating this brilliant show in Galway for four performances over two days. In order to meet the challenging production and technical demands for this show, we need to transform the Seapoint Ballroom and require particular techncial equipment, including a back projector to provide a live video feed onscreen. Not forgetting bringing the 400 BoomWhackers from Dublin to make it all end with a bang!

The response by children to music of all kinds is amazing, as we have witnessed over the years, and these four gigs promise to have them rocking over the weekend.

Based in Galway, the festival runs for 8 days in 2011, from October 16th to 23rd, and features beautiful, exciting, inspiring theatre, dance, puppetry, music, literature and visual art and craft for children and families in venues across the city and on tour in the county.

We take measures to ensure that access to the arts is within reach of as many families and children as possible. We keep ticket prices low for schools (€6.50 and €5.50 for DEIS Schools) and provide a Bus Subsidy, FREE Teacher Engagmenet Packs and FREE Teacher tickets. We work with local organisations to provide access for schools and parent and toddler groups facing challenges.

We keep Family ticket prices low too - €8 for individuals and €25 for a Family of 4.

Our programme for 2011 includes some amazing shows, from Germany, England, Italy, Romania and Spain, and a full programme of work from Irish companies, including the World Premiere of Monkeyshine Theatre’s new production Losha.

So, will you come on board, help us make some memories for children and families in Galway in the iconic Seapoint Ballroom in Salthill on the weekend of October 22nd and 23rd 2011?

Thanks for your support,

Teenagh and Lali



We're making a list, and we'll be checking it twice!

We're waiting patiently for all the details of our funders - contact details that is - so we can send you out your Rewards. Fundit tell us it will be tomorrow when we get the info, and as soon as we do we'll be in touch. We have to arrange your tickets, and put the little birdies in the envelopes, and get your signed BoomWhackers ready. And we'll be making a list, and checking it twice, so we can have your name or logo ready to appear on screen on Saturday and Sunday at the Seapoint Ballroom, when we are promising you a fabulous hour of music, dance and video, and a gig you won't easily forget. So, thanks for supporting us, and we look forward to meeting all of you in just 9 or 10 days' time. In the meantime, you could think about which show you would like to attend. Your choices are Saturday 22nd at 1pm or 5pm or Sunday 23rd at 2pm or 4pm.

Robbie Harris on RTÉ Junior

Robbie Harris and some of the cast from Globe were in studio yesterday with RTÉ Junior, recording a preview of the show. RTÉ Junior have just started creating work for broadcast online, so we're thrilled Globe will be one of the first shows they use!! Meanwhile, the guys are busy signing BoomWhackers in readiness for their visit to Galway. We can hardly believe it's only 23 days, 22 hours and 2 minutes till they go on stage at the Seapoint Ballroom!

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