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By Davey Kelleher


Glowworm is an interdisciplinary theatrical experience blending storytelling, puppetry, technical magic, music and movement, premiering in Dublin in September 2016.

By the fountain at the edge of the Oxborough Gardens, an existential crisis is sparked by a midnight encounter with a glow worm. Zelle De Brulle, an adolescent insect collector, becomes awakened to a universe of possibility and discovers what it really means to be alive. Take a journey through music, movement and puppetry in the fantastical laboratory of William Charles "Bugboy" De Brulle. A visual storytelling experience for the old head and young heart. From grand spectacles to intimate curiosities emerges a life-and-death drama about learning how to shine.

Umbrella Theatre Project is a collective of experienced artists from different disciplines coming together to make exciting new theatre for all audiences that breaks down cultural and language barriers by experimenting with form, style, and technology.

Our team includes Davey Kelleher (Director) Hanna Bowe (Designer) Tom Neiboer (Writer) Sinead Diskin (Composer) Andy Carberry (Producer) Roxanne Brownlee (Marketeer) Julie Maguire, Conor O'Riordan and Maria Guiver (Performers) Baz O'Donovan (Construction and general wizardry) John Brennan (Lights and other magic) and Sue Crawford (Props, puppets and several other surprises), Gordon Bell (Stage Manager and Zen Master), and a whole lot of insects...

We're making work we believe in. Our approach is one of collaboration; sharing skills and experience. We'd like to give our audiences a chance to contribute to the making of this show, and share in the work we're bringing to life. Additional funding raised through events and sponsorship will pay the cast and crew, who are giving their time to the project out of passion for creation.

The money we raise here will be used to cover the expenses of mounting this production for its premiere performance in September. The money will cover the necessities like rehearsal space, transport, insurance, lighting, sound, props, costumes and materials, and also enable us to develop/experiment making innovative puppet pieces, and dynamic design elements of the show, that will bring the story to life in a bold, physical way, ensuring an unforgettable audience experience.

This production is experimental in nature bringing together different elements of production performance and design in an exciting and dynamic way New creative work is only possible through collaboration and experimentation We've brought together a passionate and dedicated team determined to bring this production to the stage A network of supporters and advocates who believe in Glowworm's potential are helping us to achieve this We hope you'll join us

Thank you for your interest in Glowworm. This project would not be possible without the support and collaboration of a wide network of people. For your support, and contribution, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Umbrella Theatre Project



Glowworm opens to GLOWING reviews

Hello all, We've opened the show this weekend, and reviews have been GLOWING. (What a deLIGHTful pun). Thank you again for your support, without which the show just wouldn't have been possible. For your perusal: http://www.thereviewshub.com/tiger-dublin-fringe-festival-glowworm-project-arts-centre-dublin/ http://www.theartsreview.com/single-post/2016/09/11/Tiger-Dublin-Fringe-2016-Glowworm Davey and team at Umbrella Theatre Project.

Glowworm Performance!

Hello all! I'm delighted to report that after a compelling, challenging and exciting development process, Glowworm is ready to hit the stage this week! We'll be previewing our show at 2pm on Saturday 10th September at Project Arts Centre, Dublin The show opens on Sunday 11th, at 2pm and runs every day next week at 2pm, with a final evening performance at 7pm. We'd love you to see the work we've made, and what your support has made possible. Tickets are available from: http://www.fringefest.com/festival/whats-on/buy/glowworm We hope we'll see you there! Umbrella Theatre Project


Wow. We have exceeded our target, and simply, very genuinely, couldn't have done it without you. Thank you all. It is incredibly humbling and gratifying to see a huge host of supporters who are helping to make this work possible. We're beginning the first weeks of development for the show, and will be starting rehearsals in August. The show itself will be premiering in early September, and you should all receive your rewards by the end of that month, so keep an eye on the postbox! Thanks again and stay tuned for more news on Glowworm! Umbrella Theatre Project

One Week to Go!

A huge "Thank You!" to all our funders for your amazing support so far. We have just over a week left in our campaign, and have a bit of a way to go yet. If you can, please share this campaign with friends or colleagues who might be interested. Project updates to follow! Thanks! Umbrella Theatre Project

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