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ninahynes goldmine

By Nina Hynes


In 2007, I moved to Berlin. In 2008, I gave birth to my wonderful daughter and began living a new life of no touring or gigging and only playing music at home like secret stolen moments while my child slept.

Up until this point in my life, apart from 2 years spent at college studying sound engineering, I have been pretty much writing, recording and touring since my first record release in 1999.

Since 2007, my life has changed in every way I can imagine. My music has shown me that I write not only to make a living but to survive emotionally and in every way. I need my music to be me. I have learned that I write regardless of audience. I write to dream and to decipher my inner story. When I don't write for long periods, something feels wrong. I feel half-alive like I am missing a huge part of my heart.

My hunger to record my songs grows in me in big waves and at times, explodes inside so I feel I can't exist earnestly beyond some kind of record of this time musically. This leads to highs and lows, frustration, inspiration and more writing.

I have learned that I need to share my music. I need to feel that others can relate and dream to it like I do. It is not enough to write only for myself as without a record, the songs are not fully realized like a half-baked cake that can't be eaten.
I get very clear pictures of how this should sound and feel. The songs are all written but as time goes on, I am changing and writing more. My music is again changing and I don't want to miss the chance of recording this special crossroads in my lifetime.

Through Fund it, with your help, I will be able to fund this recording and release for the first time a full album on vinyl.
I am offering various rewards as thank yous and incentives so you can receive something more than simply the album and the satisfaction of having helped make this record possible.

The plan is to record in Berlin and Ireland with some close collaborators from the past 9 years and also an amazing award winning young choir based in Carlow called Aspiro. I hope to release it on vinyl and as a digital download.