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Gordon Barry - Debut Album.

By Gordon Barry


Hello folks thanks for popping by and having a look at my Fund it page.The aim of this project is to raise the finances to help me finish my debut album and to release and promote it in early 2014.

I first started the process of recording my first album over a year ago and in that time these songs have taken on many shapes and forms.Finally they are at a stage where they are almost ready to be released.Some of these songs are old and some are brand new,some will feature in their natural acoustic setting and some will have the full band treatment..During the recording process i have had the pleasure of working with a fine engineer and some fine musicians and i am looking forward to working along side some more talented folk as we near completion.All these ingredients have and will make this album a stand alone piece that i will be very proud to release.

And so the next step is Fund it...Having explored many avenues seeking financial assistance for this album i have so far been unsuccessful..And so the road leads here to Fund it and at this time it feels like a good place to be.I find Fund it to have a certain charm to it,like a good old fashioned barter or pawn where you give something and i give something back,a little trade off if you please.Essentially i look at it as 'Pre Sales' and if you choose to donate i have come up with some ideas and prizes that i think will match their value...I also look at it as a way to become involved together in seeing a worthwhile project come to fruition and see the light of day...with your help.

The songs are written and recorded and so now the next part in seeing my album reach its completion is the mixing,mastering,artwork,CD duplication,advertising & PR.With your help i can hopefully reach my target, get my album released and put it out there and if you would like to help in any way i would be delighted,to say the least.If you would like to donate you have my utmost gratitude or even if you would like to share this page then that'd be great also..Thanks so much for stopping by and reading this and i'll talk to yez soon...All the best....Gordon.