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By Greta McCarthy O Brien


Written by a horticulturist GRETA'S HERBS shares the knowledge gathered from 20 years experience growing herbs on the Dingle Peninsula. Designed beautifully this 160 page, neatly-sized, A5 landscape book is full colour throughout, thread sewn with a laminated cover making it durable and very user friendly. Captivating photography reveals the beauty of herbs and demonstrates step-by-step procedures such as seed sowing and potting up.

Culinary herbs are in high demand. Less known varieties such as winter savory and orange thyme add unique flavours to food and help create original recipes. Edible flowers add artistic flair to food presentation. Herbs are multi-purpose; medicinal and cosmetic varieties blend in beautifully with both the ornamental and the kitchen garden, attracting bees and providing cut flowers. Many varieties such as fennel reseed prolifically and compliment wild gardens such as mine. Herbs are aesthetic, fragrant and functional and even if they are never used will enhance any garden. Many make charming container plants.

'Herbs create a peaceful ambience: I have always found it mood enhancing to garden amongst them especially on balmy, summer days when their fragrance is at its richest.  It is then I feel most at ease in my world'.

This is not a complicated textbook: it is my story as a herb grower. It will be of great interest to all those searching for practical information on how to grow and extend their herb collection. It shares plenty of tips on harvesting and using these versatile plants. I hope it encourages and assists you to grow and enjoy herbs no matter where you live!

Rob Beighton is a poetic, wilderness photographer who has traveled the world from his roots in Ireland. A former Leica sponsored lecturer he has written and illustrated a number of acclaimed photographic books including Ireland's Highest Places  and Best walks in Ireland . His beautiful art card collections, The Nest and the Moon and Colours of Ireland  portray powerful images of nature.

Mary Guinan is a graphic designer based in Dublin. She has designed books for Waltons Music Publishing, Irish Runner Publishing, Sliabh Ban Publishing, Lilliput Press and Ballpoint Press.

I completed writing GRETA’S HERBS in January 2015 after several years. Two publishers showed interest but the first wanted me to get sponsorship (which proved impossible) while the second deal fell through at the last minute due to cut backs at that house. Crowd funding has now become part of this exciting but challenging publishing journey! Mary Guinan and Rob Beighton have given generously of their time and talent. 

We are hopeful you will help us reach our final goal to raise €3,300 for printing costs and get this book printed for early Spring 2017 by simply signing in and hitting fundit. Every little bit helps. A massive thank you!



Greta's Herbs

Dear Funders, I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and awonderful new year! The book layout and design is almost complete and final proof reading will be done in January. I am glad to announce the book will be printed in Co Kerry and all aspects of this have been decided. I will anounce launch dates in due course. Those of you who have chosen postage please forward your addresses after the festive season! Enjoy yourselves! Cheers Greta

Greta's Herbs

Dear funders, Everything is progressing nicely but it will be early Spring by the time the book is ready for release. It would be helpful at this stage if those of you who have selected for postage can email your full name and address to gretasherbs@yahoo.com. Those of you who perhaps mistakenly forgot to choose a reward can include that in your email. Finally if you choose a consultation or workshop you should also include your telephone number so I can make contact late Jan to organise appointments. Many thanks again. Wishing you and all your families a very happy Christmas & a joyous New Year. Best Wishes Greta

Greta's Herbs

Dear funders, Many thanks for all your support - the project fundraiser was a great success. I am absolutely delighted and excited with a tinge of nerves! I will be in contact in the coming weeks and keep you updated on the schedule. The layout and design is progressing wonderfully and should be completed by christmas. Final proof reading and final edits etc will take place in January and then to print early Feb. Best wishes Greta

Greta's Herbs

Dear friends, I am so delighted and relieved to be near the finishing line, the fundraising is now at 92% with 12 days to go. Thank you so much for your generosity and support. Greta

Greta's Herbs

Hello Funders, The fundraising is now at 61% with 19 days to go. Thank you so much for your generous response. The pressure is on to bring in the remaining 39% so kindly spread the word to anyone who may be interested. The book design will remain in progress over the coming weeks, Rob is almost at the end of the photography with just a few last images required for the final chapter. Much appreciation Greta www.gretasherbs.com Email: gretasherbs@yahoo.com

Greta's Herbs

Hello funders, I am so delighted to announce the fundraising has reached the half way mark just after 2 weeks. Thanks so much for your spectacular support. If the pledging momentum keeps up the target should be achieved and GRETA'S HERBS will be printed and in transit by early Spring. I am giving a herb workshop this weekend (Sunday 2nd Oct at 1pm) at the Dingle Food Festival. Full details on www.dinglefoodfest or www.gretasherbs.com.

Greta's Herbs 20th October

A huge thank you to all my funders - I am thrilled with the rapid and generous response. The project is coming to the end of week 1 today and is already 36% funded. However it is important to keep up the momentum so kindly spread the word among your friends. If anyone requires more than I copy they can just calculate the amount i.e 6 x €15 or €20 (p &p) and put the pledge amount in the bottom box. Unfortunately it has just been brought to my attention recently that there is no place to add on extra numbers of books. Send an email to fundit regarding this, I will be in touch at the end of the campaign to ensure you all get the correct rewards.

Greta's Herbs

A huge thank you to the first of my generous funders! You have helped get the campaign off to a great start. You may email me at gretasherbs@yahoo.com. For more information visit www,gretasherbs.com and www.facebook: Greta's Herbs.

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