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GRINDR / a love story



'GRINDR / a love story' is a piece of spoken word documentary theatre premiering at Dublin Fringe Festival 2013. It is about the internet, sex, and frantically trying to connect. It is about a generation whose first relationships took place on Bebo, whose first sexual experiences were co-ordinated through MySpace, and who have never managed to meaningfully connect with another adult without simultaneous connection to their Facebook page.

It is about human relationships, genuine connections, and Twitter. It is about sex as defined by technology or technology as defined by sex. It is about the things that bring us together.

It is about Johnny. Johnny is looking for love. He looks in the clubs. He migrates from the smoking area to the dancefloor to the taxi rank just like everyone else does. He looks for it on the bus. He looks for it in boys with particular haircuts the appeal of which he can’t exactly define, but he knows it when he sees it.

Johnny needs an answer. And it might just be GRINDR. There’s a new potential partner lurking at every corner, and who knows? The next one could just be the one.

This is a show for anyone who has ever been hook and sinker sure that their soulmate is the stranger they just stumbled across on Facebook.

We need you to help us make this.

We are a new company and thus, unfunded. The €1,500 target will go a long way to cover insurance, set design and marketing costs. We really believe in this project. We believe it is urgent, relevant and fresh. We would like you to help us make it as good as it could possibly be.

PETTYCASH are a performance and visual arts company, based in Dublin city, and founded by Oisin McKenna and Niamh Beirne. We aim to create accessible, urgent, challenging but entertaining spoken word and spoken word theatre that is closely engaged with the city and the decade, to provide a platform for artists who create similar work, and to create playful, social environments in which this work can be consumed. Our recent work includes Writer/Performer/Salesman (The Theatre Machine Turns You On, Vol. 3, 2013) and SWEATBOX (10 Days In Dublin, 2013).

Written by Oisin McKenna
Directed by David Doyle
Performed by Oisin McKenna and Matthew Malone
Assistant Director: Patrick Culhane
Producers: Cat O'Shea & Aoife Leonard