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Groundless (short film)

By Anthony McDonagh


Sometimes love is not enough.

‘Groundless’ tells the story of Mary, a single mother plagued by poverty and crime. Mary strives to instill decent, moral values in her children. But, can a mother's love triumph over the lure of the city streets?

We are final-year students of the D.I.T. School of Media, the longest established film school in Ireland. We follow in the footsteps of hugely successful filmmakers. We have spent the last four years learning the art and craft of cinematic storytelling. We firmly believe that this story is capable of demanding the attention of audiences in festivals, both throughout Ireland and abroad.

We are fortunate enough to have access to most of our film-making equipment and our crew have contributed what funds they can. However, we still lack the funds necessary to bring this film to fruition. This is where you can help.

Funds raised will go towards additional equipment, props, hair/make-up, catering, transport expenses for cast, music and a final picture grade.

We aim to produce a film that each and every one of our supporters will be proud to have been a part of and so we encourage you to help us by asking you to fund our film. You can pledge a reward price and receive one of our rewards. Or if you prefer, you can pledge any other amount.

The film is set to premiere in Dublin's Lighthouse cinema in June. Please help us to bring this story from script to screen!

The ‘Groundless’ crew.



Eight hours to go!

In eight hours we will have either reached our target and will have 2750 euro with which to make 'Groundless'. Or, we get nothing. It's all-or-nothing. So with just eight hours remaining, our crew is filled with a sense of nervous anticipation. We appreciate all the support we have received thus far. With just 180 euro left to raise, we are confident that our dreams for 'Groundless' can become a reality and something that we (the crew) and you (our funders) will be incredibly proud of. From me, and all the crew: thank you.

24 hours remaining!

So, we've told you what we've been doing so far but let's tell you what our plan is looking forward. We've found our locations and our film is almost fully cast-- with at least one recognisable face from tv! More on that soon... We hope to start carrying out rehearsals with all our cast and crew. We need to make sure that everybody is fully confident in what they will be doing on-set and prepared to deal with the last-minute surprises sure to come our way. We are so very close to being fully funded, we are 90% there! Unfortunately, if we do not reach our target then we get none of the funds. With less than 24 hours on our fundit campaign, every minute and every euro counts. Please share our fundit with anyone who might be interested, or even consider updating your own contribution. We hope to reach our target but regardless of what happens-- thank you to all who contributed to our campaign!

We're almost there!

Firstly, we have to say a huge thank you to everyone who has gotten involved with this film and helped us get as far as we have. We are 75% there and are confident that we can reach the remaining 25% with your help! Our crew have been working tirelessly and we thought we would share some of the great things that we've been doing: We've had a fantastic workshop with producer Martina Niland ('Once', 'Sing Street') who offered us some great advice on the pre-production side of things. We had the chance to sit down with writer/director Damien O' Donnell ('Inside I'm Dancing', 'The Savage Eye') who spoke about his own experiences. We even got there chance to grab a photograph with him! Our camera crew have been doing equipment tests while our production designer has been sourcing costumes and props. Meanwhile, the director and I have been talking with all the fantastic actors who have been auditioning. To check out more exciting pictures and updates, please check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groundlessfilm/

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