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Grounds for Invasion Album

By Tracy Friel


Grounds for Invasion need your help. We have just recorded our brand spanking new debut album!! It is in the process of being mixed and after that we need to get it mastered and printed…this is where you lovely people come in. Mastering and printing costs a bit of money…more money than either of our broke asses have at the minute which is why we are turning to you our friends. Below you will find out how you can preorder a copy of our debut album or take your pick from our other super duper rewards.. But first a little about us….

Will and I met through the Access Music Project in Galway City. Although we were participants on different years, AMP is the kind of place that builds networks and can bring people together just when needed. While at AMP I had an idea for setting up a radio show that would showcase local Galway acts through live sessions and interviews but I needed a producer and mentioned to Eilish the course co-ordinator to have a think about whether any past participants would be on for it. That very day (in what I like to think of as a little touch of universal kismet) Will happened to call into AMP for tea and a catch up and Eilish introduced us...the rest as they say is history.

Will had been making music as Willow Sea for 3 years and had started to expand into album production and had recently set up a recording studio. After hearing me sing at an AMP showcase night he asked if I would try to put some lyrics and vocals to some tracks he’d been working on. That was the beginning of Grounds for Invasion.

We released our self titled 5 track EP last year and have been steady working on our debut album ever since.

We just finished recording the vocals today and Will is now working his mixing magic before we send it off for mastering next week. We are super proud of what we’ve done so far and can’t wait to get these songs out there.

Thank you for reading this far and if you decide to fund us then a mahooooosive thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support will be hugely appreciated and we will be sending hugely positive vibes in your direction.

Love and hugs, Tracy and Will x

Mastering will be done by Carl Saff, New York.
Cover Design will be by the ever lovely and super talented Ciarán Bonner
Printing will be by Duplication Ireland



Mission Accomplished

So we reached 150% of our target, thanks to our wonderful funders. The CDs arrived yesterday (and mighty fine they're looking too!), the download cards arrived today and the posters should be ready early next week. We're just about ready for the release of the album on November 12th, thanks to you! We'll be in touch with each of you in the coming days to find out where you want your rewards delivered/what size T-shirt(s) you want/etc. It's all very exciting. Thanks again, Will & Tracy

Album mastering and CD pressing funded!

Thank you so much to each of our wonderful funders. Thanks to you, the cost of album mastering and CD pressing is fully covered. This is a huge, huge help to us, and means we can present our music exactly as we'd like to, without compromising on quality in any way. Plus, we'll have something to sell after gigs! Amazingly, we haven't just reached our target, but blown right past it. This got us thinking about what to do with any money that's left over after everything else is covered. And we thought, "Hey, let's make a music video". Pre-production on a music video for one of the album tracks has already begun, to be directed by Marta Barcikowska (the brains behind the powerful Steven Sharpe 'Uganda' video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7my3mhJXZuw). If we reach €1,000, we'll be able to pay Marta a fair and decent fee for the wonderful work she's going to do, as well as cover the sundry expenses of making a music video. If you're thinking of funding us, but are put off because we reached our initial target, any further money raised will go towards this music video. If we go past €1,000, anything after that will go towards paying for promotional artwork and photos. Thank you again for helping make this album happen! Will & Tracy (Grounds For Invasion)

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