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'Grow' by The Virgin Eclectic

By Nora Kelly Lester


Hey there potential funders,

We are 'The Virgin Eclectic' theatre company. Our project is an original devised play called 'Grow' to be performed in The New Theatre temple bar from the 15th-20th of July 2013, and we are looking for your help to make it happen!

Who Are The Virgin Eclectic?
The Virgin Eclectic is a new theatre collaborative based in Dublin, established by four young professional theatre-makers (Nora Kelly Lester, Hannah Mamalis, Dylan Tonge Jones and Lauren -Shannon Jones). Founded with an interest in collaborative writing and devising The Virgin Eclectic are committed to making work that is highly visual and atmospheric, that delves below the surface to explore strange and uncanny elements of the human psyche.

How Can You Help?
As a new company we are completely unfunded and so, we are looking for financial support to cover production costs which include venue rental, stage materials and promotional materials. Any contribution big or small that you can spare would be greatly appreciated. And as a thank you check out the list of rewards to see what you could get in exchange for your support.

The Show:
'Grow' is an original play created by the cast and company.

Three friends stay in a country mansion and become compelled to interact with the precocious young daughter of the owner. The house and surrounding village grow around them in their dark history. As their bickering romances and power struggles play out in the confined space of the drawing room, a connection is made between them and the troubling circumstances of the past.

'...the berries came in early and the fruit flies got fat on the juice. Gorged themselves. Bigger than I ever saw them before and slow, sticky. Some burst there clinging to the stalks...'

Who is involved?

Director – Nora Kelly Lester
Writer – Lauren- Shannon Jones

Gavan Duffy
Molly O'Mahony
Hannah Mamalis
Dylan Tonge Jones