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Guth Gafa Documentary Film Festival

By Guth Gafa Film Festival


This year we have set out, with the ongoing support of our funders, to bring to the Donegal Gaeltacht some of the finest documentary filmmakers from around the world, as well as environmentalists, musicians and comedians. They are coming to Guth Gafa 2011 to address some of the most important issues of our time, including environmental justice, climate change, and a rage against big power and the machine.

If you are like us, you are probably feeling the pinch these days (our budget is down by almost 40% from last year) but still want to make a difference. Our Packages make it easier for you to be part of this important gathering of artists, filmmakers, musicians, campaigners and scientists, and to make a difference.

"Terrorism on Trial" - films, comedy and music. We are showing 4 films (4 Days in Guantanamo, Wiebo's War, Better This World and The Pipe) which raise the question whether citizens have the right to challenge injustice by resorting to violent resistance? A discussion with the 4 filmmakers on the theme of activism vs. terrorism, hosted by writer and broadaster, Abie Philbin Bowman. Also join Abie at the Guth Gafa cabaret for his hilarious, Eco-friendly Jihad show "the comedy show Bin Laden took seriously" and listen to top bands, I'd Fight Gandhi and Cry Monster Cry. www.abielaughs.com

"Hungry for Change" (Family Package) - a screening of Oscar-nominated documentary Food Inc., which lifts the veil on the American food industry exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that has been hidden from the consumer. Be served some ethically-sourced organic food prepared by your own kids who participate in the award-winning Kids in The Kitchen cookery at Guth Gafa, and raise awareness of healthy choices in the food we eat. www.kidsinthekitchen.ie

"Turning the Tide" Package - a day of films, talks and music inspiring change. Guth Gafa is hosting a one-day event that looks at the urgent issues of climate change and environmental justice, with panels hosted by Colm O'Gorman (Amnesty) and Eamon Ryan (Green Party), and filmmakers and activists participating.

"A Class Divided" Package - two films that deal with issues of segregation, racism and persecution - 108 throws a new light on the oppression of gay men in Paraguay in the '80s, and Our School follows 3 Roma children trying to overcome the segregation that they face in the school system in Romania. Guth Gafa is inviting people to participate in a social experiment that will explore the issues in these films.

"Eco-Village" Package - Guth Gafa has introduced a new eco-friendly camping village, as our contribution to the environment, and also considering the economic constraints of our visitors. Within walking distance of the cinemas and festival events, and with the long June evenings to sleep under the stars, what could be better.

All Guth Gafa films and events can be found on our website at www.guthgafa.com

Information about any of these packages or general festival enquiries can be made at 074 9180730 or by email to info@guthgafa.com



Not going to make it - this time!

Hi everyone We are not going to make our target this time. We gave it our best shot, and we thank you so much for your support. Of course this means that tomorrow your pledges are cancelled, and your credit cards are not debited. But we still need your support more than ever this year. Guth Gafa still has a huge shortfall in funding this year. We would be very grateful if you would be willing to contribute the same amount that you pledged here at Fundit, but this time through our Paypal Donations button. We will honour the same packages if you email us and let us know what you were pledging for, or if it was just a straight contribution, then thank you. You can get to our Paypal page here: http://tinyurl.com/PaypalGG2011 Thanks again for taking the time to try this Fundit venture with us. Even though it didn't work for us this time, please don't give up supporting Fundit - we think it's a great concept. David

€1299 raised THANK YOU €3701 needed in next 4 days

Thanks to all the people who have supported us. With just 4 days to go to try and reach our target of €5,000, we would ask you to please spread the word, even to just 4 or 5 of your own friends, asking them to support us. That would be great. David

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