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Hairy Jaysus

By Exit Does Theatre


Hairy Jaysus is a biopic based on the events that led to the execution of Frank Sheehy Skeffington on Easter week 1916.
Sheehy-Skeffington was a pacifist, feminist, socialist and atheist who was murdered after being wrongly identified as a one of the rising leaders while trying to stop looting during the Dublin rebellion during Easter week in 1916.


We are hoping to raise €3000 to help provide you with the best audience experience. This money will go towards collaborating and working with musicians to record an original sound track, to record and archive and pay for materials and costs associated with the touring production which we intend to tour to various venues in Ireland.

O’Kelly's poignant drama will be performed by Paddy McEneaney freelance Actor and Artistic Director of Exit Does Theatre. Sound and set developed by Graduate IT Sligo Performing Arts Acting (PA) Dee Armstrong, Designer Musician, Composer. Graduate of IT Sligo PA (Design) Currently Studying Theatre Design at Lir Academy and a member of Kila.  Paul McDonnell Designer, Technician, Graduate of IT Sligo PA (Design) has worked extensively with The Blue Raincoat Theatre Company and has also worked with the Abbey and Royal Shakespeare Company.


Exit Does Theatre would like to thank you for taking the time to read about our project.



Skeffy Tries to stop the looting at Kellys Liqour Store


One week to go big thank you to all who contributed. Please share. Thank You. P.

The road to Skeffy

Hi there, while we are not in the theatre very often prior to the end campaign, I am working away and will trSkeffy Challenge the old way.y to keep you posted with updates. Big thank you to all who have invested so far. Please keep spreading the word. The link attached is part of the script I was working yeasterday. It sums Franks plight up very well. Hope you enjoy it.

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