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Hall of Mirrors

By Cleary + Connolly


What is Hall of Mirrors?

An exhibition that offers a deeply engaging, enjoyable, educational, exploratory, aesthetic experience to art lovers, science lovers, families, schools, and everybody else. Created by an international team of artists and scientists, it will run from March to July 2012 at Farmleigh Gallery, Phoenix Park, Dublin before touring around Ireland from August 2012 to January 2013.

How it came about

In 2008 we (Anne Cleary + Denis Connolly) exhibited a series of interactive video installations at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, allowing people to play with parameters such as colour, light, and time as they walked around the exhibition. Patrick Cavanagh, a professor and researcher, recently arrived at Université Paris Descartes from Harvard School of Psychology,  was struck by the close parallels between the artworks and his own research in visual perception. We met, and the idea of Hall of Mirrors was born—an exhibition of artworks mirroring scientific research, but inspired by the popular notion of a hall of mirrors, a place where people of all ages can look, laugh and learn all at the same time.

Through a series of chance meetings in 2010 our team grew: Vincent O’Shea joined us as curator and project manager; Professor Noel O’Connor from CLARITY as scientific advisor along with Professor Cavanagh, Dr. Sally Duensing (King’s College, London) as education advisor and Dr. Bridget Kelly (CLARITY) as outreach officer. From then on things fell into place. The Office of Public Works offered the gallery at Farmleigh as a venue, and in late 2010 Denis and I received a project award from the Arts Council covering our travel and research through 2011, and some of the equipment costs. In summer 2011 CLARITY engaged a dedicated intern, Daniel Finnegan, who worked with us in Dublin on the technical aspects of the show, building prototypes, testing installations and writing software. Finally Mary Immaculate Teacher Training College in Limerick offered to take on development of educational workshop material as a final year project for their students.

Why we need you

For over two years this international team has been working tirelessly and voluntarily to make Hall of Mirrors a reality, and now, as we approach the finish line, we need your help to get there. All the new works are complete, we have 75% of the equipment needed, we have friends and collaborators to help run the educational and outreach aspects of the show. We lack funding to cover a small number of essential aspects of the exhibition. These include purchasing outstanding computer equipment, travel, shipping, insurance, and space preparation. The funding you give will go towards these costs only.

Our thanks

We will be eternally grateful for all contributions to our Fund it campaign, and in recognition you will be listed as a friend of the exhibition at Farmleigh. We have also compiled a series of great rewards for those who support our project including signed and dedicated publications, DVD’s, and limited series prints from our Moving Dublin, Entanglements and Psycle series. Visit our website for more information about us and our work.

Thank you so much for your help.

Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly