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Hamlet needs your help, please!

By Shakespeare's Mammy


Hamlet - the Prince of Denmark, probably the most famous play in the world is coming to Wexford! This is a local production, with a local director and a local cast of highly regarded actors.  This all local production is a 'first' for Wexford too, we think!
'To be or not to be', 'To thine own self be true', 'The lady doth protest too much, methinks', 'Doubt that the stars are fire', and 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead' - these memorable lines and many more are in this mighty work - abridged to 2 hours (from the original 4 !!!!). But we have kept every iota of the integrity of this classic work of literature. It's full of drama, ambition, love, power, jealousy and secrets.  We're performing in Elizabethan costume - no 'clever' antics. Just pure theatre for the love of it. And the laughs? Yep, Hamlet is funny too. A perfect evening of brilliant entertainment and spectacle.  Like a modern day soap opera, these Danes have to be seen to believed.

We have some of the finest actors in Wexford in the cast. Andy Doyle - an immensely talented and respected actor plays Claudius - a role he is relishing. Benny Redmond, from Enniscorthy, is our amazing Hamlet - he has seven soliloquies - and boy, does he deliver them well. Declan Dempsey (him of the South Main Social) is the wonderfully fussy Polonius, and he doubles up as a gravedigger also. Jack Matthews plays our second gravedigger - think 'Mitchell twins' - they're a hoot together. Rónán P Byrne - a huge talent - plays Horatio and Rosencrantz. Deidre Finn plays Guildenstern. Antonia Close - super actress, plays Ophelia, and Catherine Gaul plays Gertrude, as well as directing. All the men have won countless awards and commendations for acting. All the women are fixtures in opera, drama and musical circles. A hugely experienced and capable bunch of people. With almost 2,500 lines learned between us, of which Hamlet has almost 1500 (!!!) we are ready to deliver. If Carlsberg did castings...........

For consideration regarding mobility issues for some cast members we need to perform on a flat staging area. We have aesthetic reasons for this need also.

Funds raised will be used to cover the essential costs of venue hire (including one day for Tech and Dress) which is just under €2,000. Lighting is €350 approximately. We hope to cover other costs such as rehearsal space, costume hire, printing and so on through Box Office receipts and advertising and programme sales.

Like any project there is an element of risk. We have rehearsed already for several months and have had to change performance venue once because the flat playing area we needed wasn't available to us. We have worked so hard. We are realistic with budgets and want to do the work well - do it justice. Please consider supporting us. You have the opportunity to help us make this a wonderful reality.




...We're back in the room!

....Back in the rehearsal room that is. After a break of a few days we are hitting the scripts again this evening. Ophelia's funeral and the sword fight in the final scene are both on the agenda, as well as a little Gravedigger's humour. It's weird even typing that - not words usually strung together. But that's Shakespeare for you. In the unlikeliest situations he pulls the human condition out of the dark and, like the world's finest philosophers, he reminds us that life can't be taken too serously all the time. Someone will find something to laugh at in almost every situation. A bit like Mass, if you went as a child, when your shoulders would be shuddering, as you tried to keep the fits of giggles at bay after seeing someone you know take a little too long to sit back down again.................. it's all good, and it's all part of life. Yorick is on call for this evening also - the poor chap only gets a look in in one scene, yet the image of him and Hamlet together is surely one of the most iconic within the world of theatre. See - never any such thing as a small part! More anon..................................................and thank you, thank you, thank you for your support.

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