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Hard Knocks Hostel (Web Series)

By Aaron Woods


This project is a web series that I am producing. The creator and director of the series is Karen Murphy (MA Production and Direction). Having worked in a hostel for several years, she has plenty of insight into the crazy characters, and often utter ridiculousness that is hostel life. She has even more insight into the behind-the-scenes action, and can't wait to give this wonderful little world a stage.

Set in a badly-run backpacker hostel in rural Ireland, this comedy web series follows the lives of two receptionists. In order to cope with the monotony of the jobs, and the people they seem to meet again and again, they get creative in their dealings with guests. Their eccentric boss has an unusual attitude: the customer is not always right. The girls embrace this philosophy, often leading to disastrous results.

Our aim in this project is to bring some hard-working, creative and inspiring artists together to make a collaborative project worthy of their talents. Cast and crew will stay on Inis Mór, an island off the coast of Galway, and we will spend an intense week of creativity there.

Our cast is appropriately international, with actors from France, New Zealand, and the UK having already come on board. Our crew members come from a professional setting, with buckets of experience and talent to ensure a good quality result.

The series will also feature some very talented musicians, who will provide some music both within the show, and in post-production.

There will be six episodes in total, each one running approximately 7 minutes. The shoot takes place at the end of October, and the first episode will available to view by the end of November this year.

If you would like to be part of bringing this project to life, you can pledge on this page. Your contribution will mainly go toward transport to the island, props, and post-production. We will do our best to make something entertaining and funny for you, and we thank you very much for being involved!