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Harry Hamlet and I

By Maidan Productions


Harry Hamlet and I is Independent film makers, Maidan Productions, first feature film. Written and directed by Aidan Conron from Wicklow.  Aidan wrote this story as a play and was in the process of sending it around the various theatrical outlets around the country. The intention was to reach an appreciative audience of Shakespeare afficionados and lovers of hard hitting and realistic contemporary drama. However, together with friend and producer Martin Blake, the decision to make a movie from this narrative was born. 

The filming was shot over 7 weeks in June and July 2012. We are currently starting post production, here is where YOU come in!

We have self-funded the making of the film (€5,000) but we need your help to raise another €5,000 to complete it. This will be spent on the post production phase to cover the expensive cost of editing, studio time and promotion. We have some fantastic rewards for you.

Harry, Hamlet and I is loosely based on Hamlet, but set in Dublin's inner-city.  The main protagonist” Harry” is the only son of a leader of a criminal gang. The story looks at the pressure on him to be a part of that system, and to fit in.  He struggles to free himself from his ancestry, his past. He longs to escape, so much so that, after a traumatic event he takes on a new persona, a personality that to him seems infinitely better than Harry. His new identity is Hamlet!

Among other issues this story is about our identity and where that sense of belonging comes from. The story also confronts the effects of our conditioning and how it enables us to fit in with the culture that surrounds us. It examines the possibilities of how we can transcend this.

Is it possible to break free of this conditioning? Is it possible to rise above who or what others tell us that we are? Is it possible to find a new identity for ourselves, a deeper meaning for our lives?

Harry, Hamlet and I is a fascinating story, portrayed in a realistic fashion. The story does not shy away or attempt to gloss over the hardship that real life presents. It is essentially a spiritual journey, one that every deep thinking person has to contend with in one way or another in the course of their lives.

This film will move hearts and change minds about life and its values. Your much needed contribution can make this happen. Your help will ensure that we are in a position to complete the film and thereafter submit to every noteworthy film festival at home and abroad. We want to give this film, its actors and all the creative talent that have worked so hard, as much exposure far and wide as possible. We are sure that those who see our offering will be impressed with what Irish filmmakers and storytellers are capable of.

Come join us on this journey!