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Have A Heart

By Seamus Moran


Have A Heart is a one-man play written and performed by Seamus Moran and directed by Liam Halligan.

A man who’s recently had a heart transplant thinks that his new heart is talking to him. Is he going insane? Or suffering side-effects from the medication? Or could it be possible? Could this really be happening? When his new heart persuades him to embark on a major quest, his life and his world are turned upside down and inside out. He is soon operating well outside his comfort zone where his beliefs, assumptions and view of himself are all called into question, tested and challenged. Have A Heart is a wonderfully dynamic and visual piece of theatre about love, obsession and head versus heart that will demand a real tour de force performance. Structured like a detective story, it’s sure to keep the audience guessing and fully engaged throughout.

The play will run at The New Theatre Dublin from May 18th - 23rd prior to a small-scale Irish tour. We also plan to take the production to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August.

To create the complex inner world of the two main characters will call for an amazing sound, lighting and set design, as well as atmospheric and evocative music. We are fortunate to have two fantastic, Irish Times Nominated designers on our team – Marcus Costello and Denis Clohessy. Your contributions will allow them to give free rein to their imaginations, to produce a fantastic environment in which this play can come to life and take flight.