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Help cast life-sized sculpture in bronze

By Julie Moorhouse


Do you want to become an alchemist with me and turn something base into something precious? St. Sebastian is my first life-size sculpture. I have been working on this project for over a year now, but unfortunately the cost of casting him into bronze is enormous. With your help, I hope to produce the most important piece of work in my artistic life.

So, who is Julie Moorhouse?
I am an award winning artist living and working in Kilkenny. Although I have been predominantly painting for the last two decades, I made a decision two years ago to return to sculpture – I had not sculpted since my degree show in 1988 which involved making sculpture with found and preserved natural objects embedded in fibreglass.

What’s the plan?
So far I have created only small-scale sculptures. To work on a larger scale is the next big challenge for me. But it’s costly. With your help I hope we can take that next step.

Why St. Sebastian?
St. Sebastian is a well known religious icon who has long been a favoured subject of artists such as Rubens, Titian, Botticelli... and now me. St. Sebastian is usually depicted as a handsome youth, naked or semi-naked, bound and pierced with arrows. But the Sebastian I have portrayed is a pacifist; a non-combatant, a victim. He is a soldier in any and every conflict; a victim of tyranny and oppression at any point in time. His naked body belies nothing of his status or class. He is passive and resigned to his fate.

What will the money be used for?
Well, firstly I need to create a mould and mother jacket. Then, a wax positive of the entire sculpture. This I will bring it off to the foundry to be cast in bronze. You’d think that would be it, but no! Then comes the incredibly laborious and time-consuming task of chasing and cleaning off the bronze pieces. Next comes the welding; that’s a week of death-by-a-hundred-little-burns for me!. And last, but not least – and possibly my favourite 'chore' – the patination. All of the above requires significant outlay. The time and effort I can muster, but not the cash.  In the last two years I have received funding from Artlinks (South East Arts Resource Organisation) that has helped me enormously. With their support I have completed two bronze-casting courses, learned how to weld, build armatures, make moulds and chase bronzes. Now I know enough to make a statement piece of art.

Why support me?
This funding will cover the costs of production, including materials and equipment rental, as well as the promotional expenses required to make this a success on which I can build for the future. If you think this is a worthy cause and you want to be part of something original and special then please join the campaign – oh, and tell a friend or two. I plan to be unveiling the work in spring 2012.

More imagery at http://www.juliemoorhouse.com

THANK YOU for being part of this (ad)venture.