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Help Elephant press new album on VINYL!

By Shane Clarke


I have just completed work on the new album and I need YOUR HELP to put my music onto vinyl record.  

The album is a concept album and at 12 tracks, is an hour in length and therefore will need to be a double album which means I cannot afford to do it alone.  This is where you come in.  Please help me make this happen, and in turn, become part of the albums completion yourself. 

The Concept:

The protagonist, lets call him "Elephant" is going through a somewhat mid-life crises...single at 30 by choice, still renting, periodical alcoholic and keeping people at arms length...but why has he turned out this way? He longs for the past. He wants to feel what it felt like to be sixteen, in love with one girl who looks like another girl from the tv show where he heard My Vitriol's Cemented Shoes and his heart nearly broke in half. He's so numb now, he needs to know why. So he decides to time travel back to all the most important moments of his youth. A fly on the wall, he observes. Wishing he'd have said what he wanted and had the courage to act when he didn't. Trying to change the future.

The Costings: 

€760 mastering (digital/vinyl)
€2000 pressing to vinyl (covers 60% of the cost, I will cover the rest)
€240 Fundit's 8% cut

I have been working on the new album for about a year and a half , at first, demoing song ideas at home until setting out to find an engineer to produce it. This turned out to be studio wizard, Joseph Edwards. We worked together growing the concept from my love of cheesey kitschy 80s music. I brought the venerable Marc Carolan on board to mix after he mixed the first single "Waiting Game" and did such an outstanding job. Marc brought a more polished sound to our otherwise messier, grungier aesthetic. With the team assembled, we went to work.

Its been a dream of mine to put an album onto vinyl for a long time.  I made my first album in 2015.  It was called "HyperGiant" and though I would have loved to press it to record, I simply couldn't afford it and the idea of crowdfuding never entered my mind.  This time around, I am calling on anyone who is willing to become part of this project and help me make my dream a reality. 

If I am successful in reaching my target you can expect to recieve your gifts in July, all going swimmingly. 

Thank you so much for reading through and for funding my project. I spend so much time thinking about and making music and I'm beyond grateful that people actually want to listen to it, let alone spend money helping me make it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I hope you enjoy the album!



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