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Help Publish "The Little Book of Sham"

By Keith Martin


'The Little Book of Sham' is the result of hours spent staring into space, wondering - not just, 'Why are we here?' - but also - "How?" and 'Have I left the oven on?' 

This book is my guide to modern life and it is unlike any other!

I am crowd funding this because I need money to pay a cover page setter, designer, script editor and publishing costs and I am unable to fund it myself. 

I have got plenty of feedback from friends and colleagues and I am ready to go ahead and commit it to print but in order to do the book and my readers justice I need to ensure that my book is professionally finished and that it is professionally edited and laid out with a designed cover that is attractive and interesting.

I have created a range of different ways you can support this project and I hope that you will enjoy being part of this project, because I can't do it without you!




The Chosen Few

Keith Martin's first book "The Little Book of Sham" has been chosen by 'Fund It' to be exhibited as part of a showcase of Project Creators work in Dublin on November 2nd in partnership with their sponsors Bank of Ireland. "The Little Book of Sham" will feature in the showcase which will be on show in the Bank of Ireland Innovation Hub on Grand Canal Square for the month of November.

Launch day!

Hello all! Launch day has been set and will take place as part of the 41st Westport Arts Festival! Can you email me your addresses so I can post you your books and your invites? Cheers keithmartin2010@gmail.com

Hello all

Hello friends! I have received the proofs and with one or two corrections we are ready to go. You will be the 1st in the world to receive your copies with you special thanks and signed copies. The delay in print to post to delivery is about 3 weeks so it will be August before I pop them in the post to you. Will be in touch to confirm postal addresses. Official launch will be part of the Arts Festival (whether they like it or not) in last week of September. You will all be invited to that too! There will be wine! Thanks again! Keith

Book Launch

Hi guys! I am arranging my book launch to take place as part of the Westport Arts Festival. The launch will be in the Library. There will be free wine. Lots of it. I am waiting on the proof copies to come from the US and once I have approved them then i will set about getting your copies to you but you can only expect them in early August. Thanks again for being a part of this! K

Amazon.co.uk reviews


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Top 21 book in the Humour Free Books

Hi Guys, The book is currently 21 in the top 100 free books on Amazon.co.uk's General Humour list. That's some achievement! Please make sure you have downloaded the book from Amazon.co.uk and please leave a review. Joining amazon is as easy as your email and putting in a password twice. No Credit cards etc needed. Then you can just download the book. It will really help. Thanks if you have already done it. Please don't forget the reviews. Thanks K

Grab an ebook copy!

Hi Guys, if you can't wait to read the book you can pop over to any Amazon site today and download a digital copy for FREE. You can also then post a review (please do) and you can review it anonymously too! I hope you do download and review it as it helps with the profile on Amazon and the internet and will generate a bigger response for the print copy when it comes out in a couple of weeks time. The new cover is on the ebook and it looks well. Here's a link http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01ERT2H2I Your print copy will be with you in a couple of weeks and will look different inside but this should give you a fair idea of how it will look. Thanks again for helping make this happen. Hope you enjoy the ebook. Best wishes and thanks Keith

Well...................we did it!

Thank you! We reached the goal and now the real work begins! For me, you've done your bit and you can relax! I will update you on my progress and will let you know when you can expect your rewards! Thanks again for your help. Have a great weekend! K

Almost there 30 something hours to go

Hi Almost there. This has been a marathon and not a sprint although there were times it felt like a sprint! 71% of the goal has been achieved so with under 2 days to go we have 29% to go. Thanks for all your help. Now onwards to publication! Talk soon Keith



55% and building!

Anyone who thinks that writing a book is the hard part is in for a shock when they try and get it published. In my case I decided from the beginning that I would publish it myself so I knew that no matter how hard it would be to actually write it, that at least I knew it would actually be published. The hard bit would be writing it. Or so I imagined. Stephen King says that writing is the "Application of the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair". And Stephen King knows what he is talking about. To date he has written 55 novels and hundreds of short stories,. Well writing it was difficult. Even a short humorous book of aphorisms like my book, "The Little Book of Sham". The title is a pun on the best selling Little Book of Calm, but I suppose it's not much of a pun if I have to explain it. The book was just based on the kind of thoughts that pass through my head on a regular basis when I am usually supposed to be doing something, often housework. It is a collection of thoughts and realisations, hopefully witty and amusing which I decided to record and publish as "The Little Book of Sham". But if writing it was difficult then actually publishing was even more of a effort and I am a man who does not like effort. Once you have written a book it must be edited, then formatted and designed, then there's a cover to design, ISBNs to register and all of this takes time and money. In order to publish my book I needed to raise €450 to pay for the above and some copies of the book for copyright registration, publicity and criticism. For that I turned to you! Thanks for all your support. Please tell your friends how they can help! K

Cover designs

I have gotten three cover samples back from the designer and they look great. I can't share them here, unfortunately, but trust me, they look great. I am deciding on one very soon. It is only possible to have such a great cover thanks to your support which I value immensely. We are at 33% already and that's a real vote of confidence in the book (and me) and you won't be disappointed (I hope). Please keep spreading the word! Thanks guys K

Wow! Thanks

Hi, Thanks for the support so far. It's been amazing. And a little daunting! Up until now this has been my silly little project..................but now it's OUR silly little project! This book will be the little book that ROARED! As soon as I have it in print you''' be reading reviews and seeing the book everywhere! Thanks for taking the leap of faith. Where you have jumped others will follow (hopefully)! Thanks again!

And we are off!

Delighted we have gone "live". I am excited and hopefully you will find something exciting about being part of the publication of the book! I have big plans to market this book, here in Ireland and internationally so it could be fun to part of this! Thanks for checking in!

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