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Help To Release the Album "Handstitched"

By Clara Byrne


Firstly, this is so strange; being open and honest about where I am in my carer and life feels very alien to me but I'm starting this campaign to have my dream fully realised.

Just before the pandemic hit, I was so close to completing my dream of recording my first album and releasing it into the world. Every musician involved was my top choice for recording and I was flying through days in the studio in a blissful buzz.


When lockdown hit, teaching and gigging came to a halt but there was still work to be done to keep busy (as well as sane) with editing, mixing and mastering. Then finally the album was finished, but so too were live events and the hopes for an album release gig.


What has been done so far?

I was lucky to have loads of extra time over the lockdowns to put into my music along with blood, sweat, tears and my savings. 

It took years of writing, re-writing, gigging, building confidence, organising, budgeting and saving to get to the point of being ready for the recording studio. I wanted to have a finished product that represented all that went into it. I couldn't cut corners and so I gave it my all. To date I've released three singles from the album, with a video for each.

These releases along with advertising, artwork and CD manufacturing for promo came to just under €2000. Recording the album over two studios with nine different musicians along with mixing and mastering came to €3500, a €5500 total I've put in so far.

None of this includes the countless hours I have lovingly dedicated to this whole project; it has been a true labour of love.


So what’s next?

Though I'm starting to get back to work as things open up, it would take a very long time to get the money together needed for the release so that’s where I’m hoping you’ll come in! The total for a release gig with promo and merch would be €6500 and here is how it would be used:

  • Vinyl:€2000
  • Venue, sound engineer, musicians, practice space and support band: €1950
  • PR for the release: €1,000
  • Merch, photos and postage and packaging for rewards: €1100
  • Fund it &Processing Fee 8%: €484

“But Clara I don’t see your fee anywhere in there?” I know, I’m saintly…but seriously moving forward, I'll be collecting on vinyl and CD sales and though I'm keeping ticket prices low on for the release gig, that'll be more revenue.

The venue has been booked for July 8th, top class musicians are on board, all that's left is your support which would mean the world for me and my music. If I reach my target and get the album out there, it will bookend this incredible experience, but it will by no means be the end, but only the start of this journey. Thank you so much for reading :)