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Henrietta Wilson or the artist Harry

By Sophie Robson


My project tells the fictional story of Irish born Henrietta Wilson who travels to London to be an actress in 1933 . Like many ambitions in life this one does not work out but as life leads us on from one thing to the next, this is where she meets her french husband and changes the direction of her adult life. Henrietta moves to Paris and leads a very full and privileged life however as her world changes she is forced to provide for herself financially and seeks the help of an unexpected individual. Posing as a male artist she creates work and sells it under the name of Harry, a secret unknown until now.

I tell her story by the use of a gallery based retrospective and deal with the problems of storytelling. Storytelling is a continual theme which runs through my work and this project is a continuation of this. By working with both fact and fiction I play with the viewers ability to believe in what is placed before them in the exhibition when told to be truthful.

I myself pose as Henrietta and create the artwork held in the gallery, I write her diaries, fill her sketch books and pose as her in photographs throughout her life, all of which are archived within the gallery.

My need for funding is that I am a student and this exhibition is my grad show. Due to the fact the project is exhibited as real retrospective I need money for the construction of the gallery fittings, from extensive framing and building of the display cabinets. I also need to travel to Paris to photograph and film pieces for the exhibition. I myself have recently paid for a lithography course to create work authentic to the time costing €600 because my college do not teach it. I am finding the every mounting costs not possible to obtain on my salary and feel my project will suffer and not reach its full potential without outside help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you find it a worthy project.



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