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Henry L Gavigan - Life & Collected Poems

By Pat McCarrick


This book, about the life of Henry L. Gavigan, is a tribute to a man who came from very humble beginnings and over his lifetime developed a reputation as a write and antiquarian.

The book is based on a single poem and a simple family story, which for almost 100 years, were all that remained of a unique life. Based on detailed research, the author brings Henry L. Gavigan back to life, complete with a collection of his poems.

This is a limited edition, high-end publication honouring the artistic talents of HLG. The hard back, full colour design is being put in place to best reflect these talents. The project also includes a CD containing some of the songs and poems of HLG

"Whether you collect poetry, appreciate history, or just enjoy an old-fashioned yarn about love of family and country, Pat's story of Henry L. Gavigan is sure to touch your heart in some way. The Bard of Kilmactigue is more than a work of love. It is a story of emigration and overcoming hardships to rise as far as one’s determination allows. And it is the story of a man who, despite achieving acceptance and success in a foreign land, never stopped pining for his birth mother and his mother country." Peggy Gavan, New York.


Research: Complete May 2021
Editing: Ongoing up to June 30th 2021
Crowdfunding: June 2021
Design and Print: July and August 2021
Printing: September 2021
Publishing: Octocer 2021

The funds created through this crowdfunding project will be used to complete the design and printing costs associated with the book.
Overall costs: €4,250 (Design and printing: €4,100. Other costs: €150)
Grant: €2,000
Authors contribution: €500
Crowdfunding: €1,750

The author, Pat McCarrick, is a distant relation of Henry L. Gavigan - Pat's grandfather and Henry were first cousins.

Pat has previously been involved in the production of three other books; Faces and Places, an photographical account of his travels in the developing world, The Windings of the Moy Revisited, a pictorial revisit of an old classic written over 100 years ago and To Walk in My Native Place, a collaboration with his sister, Bernadette, in a book of her poems.

The only remaining piece of this project that needs to be put in place is raising the necessary funding to ensure design and print. Funding will also ensure that much of the limited edition run will already have been accounted for through advance sales via this crowdfunding project.

This publication is part funded by a heritage grant provided by Sligo County Council and by a contribution being made by the author himself. The balance of the funds required to complete the project are being sought through this crowdfunding project.

This project has been a labour of love; like time spent with an old family friend. Compiling my research into book form was an added pleasure. However, your help is now needed to bring the project to fruition. Thank you for reading. I look forward to your responses. PMC