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Here Be Dragons

By KCAT Art & Study Centre


Everybody has a story to tell
This year I invite you to be part of my story
My name is Fintin Kelly
I am an actor
Callan is my home
You and I walk the same streets every day
What do you see?
I'll tell you what I see!
But be warned....


Working alongside theatre professional Damian Punch, my story is about to be brought to life through colourful scenes, magical creatures and extraordinary characters.
Still in the latter end of the devision process this will become a multi-media production that incorporates both live action and film – I will bring the audience on a journey of how one man views the world that he lives in.

25th - 28th June 2014

I trained in theatre for four years in the KCAT Art & Study Centre in Callan Co. Kilkenny.
In 2009 myself and my fellow actors banded together to form “Equinox Theatre Company”.
An inclusive theatre company – made up of actors with and without special needs. Our aim has always been to create evocative and innovative theatre.

KCAT Art & Study Centre plays a vital role in working with me to create my unique performance piece. As an actor with Down Syndrome, KCAT are there to help facilitate my project in all areas where I may need extra support, such as providing space in which to devise and rehearse, liaising with other members of the production team, with funding etc.

Previous productions:
Footballheads (2009) – devised by Equinox Theatre Company.
The Friary, Callan
The Lost Prince (2011) – written by Ken Bourke
Cleere’s Theatre, Kikenny
(The Making of) The Frogs after Aristophanes (2012) – written by Aristophanes and adapted by Equinox Theatre Company
Abhainn Ri Festival, Callan
ABSOLUT FRINGE Festival, Dublin
Memory Box (2013) – devised by Equinox Theatre Company
Abhainn Ri Festival, Callan

Why support us?
This is an important piece of theatre - where two theatre artists can come together and create a performance the likes of which has never been seen before and in doing so can give inclusive theatre the opportunity to stand on its own two feet.
The money will go toward costuming, technical operations, set and stage managing - all of which will help create the world I want to bring the audience into.