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This project was funded!

rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

A thank you on the Heterodyne website A key to access and download the five scores for the Military Road online, so that you can listen to them at your leisure.

€30 +

A limited edition CD with all of the compositions by all of the musicians and field recordings by Tadhg O'Sullivan. This CD will be presented in an accompanying, limited edition fold-out poster designed by design studio Distinctive Repetition, with information about the project and the Military Road by the artist and photography by Sean Breithaupt.

€50 +

An invitation to the completely unique launch event of Heterodyne at the Aghavannagh Military Barracks in June 2013, including a reception and live performances. And all of the above.

€75 +

An invitation to a completely unique launch event where a mini bus will collect you from Dublin city centre along with press and other Fundit funders. You will be driven along the Military Road listening to its newly created original soundscape and brought to the Aghavannagh Military Barracks for a once in a lifetime live performance by the contributing musicians and reception. Plus all of the above too.

€100 +

All of the above and an invitation to a pop-up dinner event in Dublin city centre for one.

€250 +

All of the above and an invitation to a pop-up dinner held in a Dublin city centre location for you and a guest.

a project by:
fiona hallinan

Heterodyne is a new project that will invite composers and musicians to 'score' roads ultimately creating a rich database of site-specific audio pieces for roads throughout Ireland and internationally.

My name is Fiona Hallinan, and I'm an Irish artist who has been creating site-specific audio works for the past six years, including It's an Audio Detour: a permanent commission for Project Arts Centre, The You That Is In It: a walking tour for IMMA, Three Rock Mountain Study for Repo Man at Kerlin Gallery and Roadscore: a research project and installation about the I95 highway for Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. I am also an event organiser, co-ordinating Fraoch yoga retreats and HOMESTAY: an experiment in hospitality, a large scale social project for Science Gallery's Hack the City festival.

Five Scores for the Military Road is the first iteration of Heterodyne and five unique composers have accepted the task of scoring the Military Road, a nineteenth century route that passes through the Wicklow mountains. The composers are Caoimhín Ó'Raghallaigh, Cian Nugent, John Lambert (Chequerboard), ARROW-SHOWER and Brendan William Jenkinson.

The five scores will be contextualized with an original soundscape of field recordings created by sound designer Tadhg O'Sullivan.

The scores will be launched with a one-off event for funders who have pledged a certain amount in June 2013. Minibuses will leave Dublin loaded with the entire sound piece to be played along the road and deliver funders to the Military Barracks at Aghavannagh for a live music performance and reception. Funders who pledge over €50 will be invited to this special event, while those who fund over €75 will be given a space in mini-buses, which will leave Dublin and transport guests to the launch while playing the specially created scores.

The money raised will go to paying all the commissioned composers a fee and towards the print and design of limited edition promotional posters and CDs by the Dublin design studio Distinctive Repetition, with photography by Sean Breithaupt. It will also pay for this special launch event, which will act as a showcase for the project over all.

This iteration of Heterodyne is considered to be the first in a series of projects that will commission sound designers, composers, writers and poets to create site-specific audio pieces for roads. In funding Heterodyne: Five Scores for the Military Road you are not only funding a one-off commission, you are supporting the initiation of a totally new platform for commissioning original music.

Thanks for your time.
Fiona Hallinan

Music on video, with thanks, by Chequerboard.
Filming by Alex Synge.