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Bee Honey & Wax Extraction Room

By Tribes Beekeepers Association


Tribes Beekeepers are still quite a young group in Galway. We first got together in April 2013. We have a workshop and club space in the lovely surroundings of Kilcornan in County Galway, which we need to kit out in a manner suitable for a queen bee.

We've got off to a flying start, with many of our beginner beekeepers sitting their Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association (FIBKA) exams, with the premises cleaned up and done up, with bees placed at the headquarters and at various sites throughout the county. As a group we have sourced and settled a great many hives and had talks, workshops and open days. We can be found on Facebook and recently we even made our TV debut, being featured on RTE'S Nationwide.

Now we need your help. Our growing colony of beekeepers need to able to extract honey from their hives and to reuse wax. In turn the honey and wax products can be sold and thus help offset the cost of keeping bees as a hobbyist. Each member will make a contribution to club funds, or supply wax to be reused in new frames for the hives. For individual beekeepers to invest in the equipment would be prohibitively expensive but as a club we can help one another out. Of course the honey extraction room we are planning has to be fitted out to meet food health & safety standards, so we will need some assistance to meet these costs.

The total project is projected to cost €15,000 and so far the club has raised €6,000 and with your help we hope to raise another €6,000. We hope to get the balance from corporate donations and further club fund raising or from excess support from Fund it.

The club is always open to new members of any experience level and we are open to visitors every Saturday between 12.30 and 2pm.

To summerise:
Target €15,000
Club raised - €6,000
Funded target - €6,000
Shortfall to be made up by Corporate donations - €3,000
Any any extra money received from Fund it will mean less need for corporate donations and will make this project the best it can be.

Thank you for getting involved!



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