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By Andrew Gallivan


This is a 25 minute documentary with the intention of being broadcast on TV. It is a student project made by members of the post graduate course hosted by Nemeton TV. It is an Irish language documentary with the aim of trying to bring the discussion of gay life and marriage equality to a new audience. I also hope to interest people who are turned off Irish language programming, interested in the language by giving them a different subject matter than what you see on normal Irish language television. With the upcoming referendum this is the perfect time to spread this message as far as possible.

Twenty Two years after homosexuality was decriminalised in Ireland we are on the verge of legalising same sex marriage. In this time a generation of artist, musicians and performers have been been born, grew up or come out. Without the fear of prosecution these young artists are expressing themselves openly and honestly.

One of these artists in Galway based singer songwriter Steven Sharpe. He has already built up a cult following in Galway with his hilarious and poignant songs about his life and loves as a gay musician living in a relativity conservative country. Steven and his band the Broke Straight Boys have been touring around the county and we will feature footage from one of his shows prominently.

This documentary will use Steven's songs as a springboard for discussion on serious issues facing Gay people in what is supposed to be a more liberal country. Such as coming out to religious parents, drag acts and marriage equality. We will feature guests who are heavily involved in the gay rights movement.

As this is a student documentary no one on the shoot is getting paid. The money being raised is going to providing travel, accommodation and food crew and interviewees who are travelling from around the country to be a part of this documentary.

The documentary will begin production at the end of January with a week of shooting in Galway. We will then move production to Ring in Co. Waterford where the post production will begin. I expect the final documentary to be finished before May so all the DVD's will be sent out after then.

Any support given will, be greatly appreciated and all donors will be featured in the thank you section of the documentary.



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