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House Of Dolls Debut Album - Welcome To



House Of Dolls were born out of frustration in 2008AD. Comprising of Jimmy Cullen, Stephen White, Conor Paxton and Stuart Curran, we share a passion for creating hard hitting noisy, psychedelic rock and roll. Initially formed as a side project, with each member having other primary musical concerns it didn't take long for a collective dawn of realisation that saw House Of Dolls becoming the main vehicle for each member's sonic catharsis.

Since our inception we have been making ears bleed and having a good time doing so. In that time we have evolved, exploring, absorbing and devouring everything weird, wonderful and brain-blistering going on around us. But now it is time for us to put out on record the culmination of 3 years of beautiful chaos. We are on the home
straight....but we need to get by with a little help from our friends on this one.

So, here's the deal. Over the past 4 months we have been busy recording our 11-track debut album "Welcome To The Department Of Nuclear Medicine" with Liam Mulvaney in Bow Lane Studios. This album is a labour of love. This album is a snarling beast. This album has bled us dry. This is the spawn of House Of Dolls. One last push and it's unleashed....

With time restrictions we need help to cover the cost of the album mixing, mastering and duplication fees. For the kind spirited souls who want to play a part in making this happen we are offering the rewards outlined to your left. These can be posted out to participants or collected from us at our launch gig in the Workmans Club, Dublin, on the 17th of February (mark it in your diary and stay in touch on Facebook for door times and support updates).

A massive thanks to everyone in advance for all the help you can give with raising the funds that we need to complete this project.

Stephen (AKA Staf, Fulham supporting Thunderbird terrorist and vocal violator formerly of electronic punks Aleko)
Stuart (AKA Our Lad, Liverpool supporting guitar general formerly of Dublin, Ireland)
Conor (AKA Pockets, self supporting psycho-surf guitar slinger and captain of the Starship Enterprise, formerly of The Brothers Movement and Mainline)
Jimmy (AKA Nibbler, best supporting actor, drum dictator and mocha maestro, formerly of garage punks The Things)

Hope to see you all at the launch!

Staf, Stuart, Conor & Jimmy xxxxx



Thank You!!!

So we've reached our target with almost a full day to spare, absolutely unreal...we can't thank you all enough for the support, it means a lot to us and there will be a shout out to each of you in the sleevenotes. We can now finally get our debut album into your hands and we can't wait for you all to hear it. We hope to see you in the Workman's Club, Dublin, on Feb 17th. It is a massive night for us as we celebrate the release of an album which has seen more than it's fair share of blood, sweat and tears!! Your support thoughout this has been amazing, Cheers! Staf x

Almost There...

We have €330 remaining on this.....the support has been amazing. A massive thanks to everyone involved. The cut-off is tomorrow (Tues Jan 31st) at 16:09...to be precise! We will do our best to get this over the line on time.... Staf x


Light Stars To Fade / No Excuses / Photograph / I Thought You Were My Friend / Under The Rose / Lovers & Clowns / Prostitutes / The American Dream / Ills / Murder Machine / All I Need....

Halfway to Crazy!

We are at the halfway point of our Fund It campaign...and we have 25% of the funds we need. Thanks everybody for the support! We are gonna really push this for the remaining week. Here's hoping we hit the target.... Staf x

Kasper Sonne

The image on the cover is of Danish artist Kasper Sonne's "Four Letter Words". A massive thanks to Kasper for granting us permission for use of what has to be the most perfect image for this album that we could possibly have stumbled upon...we are blown away!! For more of his work check out http://www.kaspersonne.com... Staf x

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