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How to be Happy

By Filmbase Masters


How to be Happy is a comedy about Cormac, a marriage counsellor who becomes overly involved with his clients in a misguided pursuit of love and happiness. It’s a story that deals with the more erratic and chaotic elements of love and relationships.

We are the participants of the Msc. in Digital Feature Film Production run by Filmbase in association with Staffordshire University which presents the unique challenge of asking its participants to develop and produce a feature film.

The script is being written by acclaimed writer/director Conor Horgan, but more importantly, it’s based on an outline developed collaboratively by the class.

It is our ambition to take this film to national and international film festivals and in the long run to secure a distribution deal.

This is a project we all believe in but we need your help to make it a reality. Filmmaking is a very expensive process. Renting film equipment, location hire, feeding everybody, transporting cast and crew to and from the set, all of these expenses add up.

Contributions, no matter how small, are hugely appreciated. Help support the next generation of emerging Irish filmmakers.

Thank you for your support.