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I want to get off now!

By Jennifer + Simon


Artists Jennifer Cunningham and Simon Fleming are collaborating on an upcoming exhibition in Dublin this June titled "I want to get off now". An exploration into the tired remains of the Carnival. Artists offer societies new ways of seeing, we want to share our perspective & would like you to be a part of it.

Who are we you ask?

Jennifer Cunningham is a visual artist who works with paint, printmaking and drawing, film and digital media. She graduated with a first class honours degree from GMIT in 2002 and completed a Masters in fine art from N.C.A.D in Dublin, 2008. She is member of the Blackchurch print studio in Dublin and has been selected for a studio in the RHA in July-Dec 2010. Her practice is anchored within the parameters of self and becoming self-aware. It also deals with our surroundings, the notion of ‘das unheimlich’ or the uncanny and how familiar environments appear strange to us.

Simon Fleming is a Canadian artist that moved to Galway, Ireland in 2008. He studied Fine art at the University of Guelph & Illustration at Sheridan College. His practice revolves loosely around the concepts associated with sentiments of nostalgia (or fabricated histories) and identities of place. Using imagery sourced from a both personal & public historical context, Simon cuts and pastes ideas to create new narratives, new histories.

What is the exhibition all about?

This exhibit explores and revisualises the concept of the tired carnival. With the advent of cheap air travel comes the demise of the carnival. Dreamland, Luna park, Coney island, have all suffered from or succumbed to neglect in recent years. It this neglect that attracted us.

Their dilapidated foreshores consist of rundown shops, fast-food outlets and derelict arcades. Brash gaudy amusement arcades flicker and wink, pumping demented electronic rhythms into the night, their seedy sheen has a strange allure. Among the dandelions and the chip wrappers, a shoddinesss is revealed. There is rust under the paintwork, cracks in the plaster, and the chairs worn. For many people they are nostalgic places, they spark off a range of associations and images, of feelings and senses.

We have found similar interests in the function these places play, and their reflections on society as a whole. There is a mutual apreciation in the aesthetic overload of colour, pattern, and form found in these strange other-worlds.

"I want to get off now!" will take place at Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin in June 2011.

The exhibition will be free to visit and open to the public.

What will your money be used for?

The money you contribute will be used to assist with additional production expenses.

With your contribution we can see this project through to completion and deliver an exciting and dynamic exhibition.

Thank you for reading and your support

Simon & Jennifer



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