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€10 +

Thank you for supporting our project! You will receive a private link to the short.

€35 +

Thank you for supporting our project! You will receive a private link to the short, as well as the original script, with stills from behind the scenes of the short!

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You will receive a branded Ice Cream t-shirt! You will also receive the original script and stills from the movie, with a private link to the short

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We will credit you as an executive producer in the end credits of the film! You will also be invited to the initial screening of the piece, as well as receiving the original script and stills from the movie.

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Gusto Movies


Gusto is a series of shorts, each with its own theme and story. Running at around 2 minutes in length, the title of each piece describes the main catalyst/driver of each story.

I believe some of the best stories can be told in a short amount of time, using clever cuts, strong emotional themes and creating engaging twists and reveals.

The first story in this series is called "Ice Cream" and we are looking for funding to produce this first short film.


'Ice Cream' is a story of love, regret and second chances. We follow a young man as he frantically searches a small newsagent for a mystery item, much to the distress of the elderly shopkeeper. But as the man begins to tell the shopkeeper his story, we discover the reason behind his impromptu arrival.


My name is Aaron Goodliffe and I'm a creative director in a digital agency. After studying film production in BCFE, I went on to work as a rep for Canon, produced 100's of video pieces for a start up, before building a video department at the digital agency I currently work for. During this time, I've directed several short films and music videos, as well as some commercial pieces that have won awards. This film would be my first original short as a writer and director.

The DOP for the short is Simon Crowe, who I've worked with consistently over the last 5 years. Simon is an accomplished cameraman, editor and stills photographer, with a wide variety of video content to his name.


Actors have been lined up for the 3 main roles in the movie and we are looking at shooting between late July and early August.


While I will work for free, I can't expect the crew and cast to! The money funded will go directly to paying for actors, crew, props and for the location, which will be a local newsagents.

Topline costs are:

Venue Rental: €200-300
Expenses/Travel: €100
Cast : €600
Crew : €300

Thanks for taking the time to read through, big or small, any contribution would be hugely appreciated and help bring Gusto to life. If you have any questions about the project, contact me on twitter at @aarongoodliffe.

Thank you again!