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By Sarah Mckenna Dunne


IDENTITY will be brought into secondary schools to be viewed by transition year students, who will also take part in workshops based on the issues of rumour, identity and consent which are themes explored in the play. We aim to create a safe, supportive environment where students can ask questions and learn about the issues through these workshops that will be designed by local youth theatre groups; created for young people by young people. The play was performed at the Cavan and Cootehill Arts Festivals where it gained fantastic responses from spectators.
We are bringing the production on the All Ireland Drama Festival Circuit where we will be adjudicated and receive feedback on how to strengthen the production before moving into the schools environment. This opportunity will help bring the project on to it's next level of development, and you will be part of making it a touring show! We will be performing in Mullagh Festival on the 8th of November, and Tubbercurry Festival on the 23rd of November. 

Our budget is small because we only intend to use it for the All Ireland Circuit tour. Insurance is our largest cost, and without this, we cannot perform. Costumes and set have to be bought for the production. There is also overnight accommodation needed for our cast and crew for a venue that is located at a great distance to us.

Sarah Mckenna Dunne first made her theatre making debut in Smock Alley Theatre as part of her MA showcase. Since then she has gone on to produce works of theatre and perform in venues nationwide. The members of the cast are upcoming actors who are studying to perfect their skills in various drama colleges all over Ireland. All of the team are from rural Ireland, an area that arts thrives in but little opportunities for employment in this sector prevail. We hope Identity will grow to provide a future for the work of rural performers and artists .

We are facing a challenge in securing a venue for rehearsal since we have no budget to afford rent. However, we are comprising with our local communities to use functions rooms, GAA halls and such, for minimal cost to use as a rehearsal space around their availability.

As we are a new group,we currently have no funding and are trying to establish this project in order to strengthen future potential chances of receiving arts council funding. We already have venues booked for the All Ireland Circuit Drama circuit, which we are so delighted to be apart of, but we need finances in order to complete the basic level of involvement in these festivals, such as costume, set and insurance.

Dear reader, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this and perhaps consider donating to a group of young artists who are trying to enact change, stir conversations and open others' opinions to new possibilities.