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Ignition's Debut EP

By Ignition


Ignition are an aspiring young rock band from Galway City looking to record our first EP after the successful release of our first single, 'Lone Rider'. There are five lads in the band aged 15-18 and yes, we are very very talented. Unfortunately, circumstances have dictated that due to our youthful naïveté and relative financial incompetence we are currently unable to fund this EP (feel free to cry now); which is why we need you. In order to pay for studio time, mastering, duplication, music videos and a much-needed PA system, we have set a target of €1800. If there is any way you could help fund this goal we would be extremely grateful - and if you fund the minimum of €10 that we are asking for you will receive an immediate copy of the EP upon its release and regular updates.

So for a little bit of background about the band; as I mentioned there are five of us. Bass player Patrick Hamilton and lead guitarist Donnchadh Wernstrom formed Ignition having previously played together in a less dedicated, ultimately unsuccessful rock band. They were joined soon after by drummer Naoise Jordan Cavanagh and rhythm guitarist Dillon O'Callaghan. For some time, the band remained this way with Patrick acting as lead vocalist. That is, until Dillon heard Cian O'Connell busking on Shop Street in late 2014. They say Dillon was haunted by the beauty of the sound he experienced that afternoon, and not long after Cian joined the band, becoming lead singer. Since then, Cian has won the Bish Bash, a local school talent show attended by over 1000 people annually.

That's about it. Thank you in advance to anyone who chooses to fund our EP - really, it means a lot. If you'd like to ask us any questions or want to get in contact for any reason please e-mail us at ignitionbandgalway@gmail.com, and don't forget to like our Facebook page. Thanks again.



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