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I'm a Scientist - Pharmaceutical Zone

By Gallomanor Communications Ltd


This Pharmaceutical Zone is competing against the Food Zone in a race to see who will reach their funding goal first! The pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest employers of science graduates in Ireland. This is a chance to talk about the great drug discovery and synthesis science and engineering that is happening in Ireland. It's a fantastic story to tell our school students. Please spread the word. And talking of the word...

I'm a Scientist, Get me out of here (IAS) is all about the conversation.

"I'd ask a question and they'd give me an answer, and then I'd have loads more questions and then more" is a typical student reaction.

"The best crash course in science communication" sums up the scientist response as the high tempo Q&A lets them know when they are getting their points across.

IAS is a successful science education project and is part-funded by Science Foundation Ireland. But in 2014 we want to run a Pharmaceutical Zone and we need your support to make it happen.

Ireland is the world's biggest net exporter of drugs. It's the most important export industry in the country. Over 20,000 people are employed in the sector and 120 companies have plants here. This Zone is a chance for school students to better understand the sector and for scientists and engineers within the field to better understand how to talk about their work.

IAS differs from traditional science outreach activities. The online environment means that scientists and engineers from all across Ireland and abroad can engage with students regardless of their location. Central Dublin, rural Cork they all have the same opportunity.

It also means that our scientists and engineers can take part from wherever they happen to be —- the office, the home, the airport, the lab. Every minute they spend on the event is spent engaging with the students.

And the best bit of the event being online? As one teacher from Dublin told us: "Every student has an equal voice. Normally only the confident pupils will dare to ask a question of a visiting scientist. In IAS they all ask questions."

We need to find €3,000 towards the cost of running the zone. If you want to see the Pharmaceutical sector get the attention it deserves please do support us.

If you are an impecunious scientist or engineer and would like to be considered for the zone please head to our website and sign up there. We hope the Irish Pharmaceutical Industry can help make this zone happen.



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