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In My Father's House

By Maeve Hickey


My name is Maeve Hickey and I am a freelance videographer and editor with a passion for film making. I have two years experience working on the sets and in the production offices of both low and high budget productions. I wrote and directed my first short in late 2013 which was finished in May 2014. This is my second and the vision is on a much larger scale.

'In My Father’s House' is a short story written by my own father, Owen Hickey, which I have adapted for the screen. It is set in Dublin in the 1950's and is based on true events. It is about a man who looks back over his life on precious moments spent with his father during his childhood. Think 'To Kill A Mockingbird' in terms of style. It is a film about memory, about the idiosyncrasies of our loved ones and about loss.

At the moment, the film is in the pre-production stage. I have access to a team of wonderfully talented people, who, with all our efforts combined can make this film a great success. Every cent of your contribution will go towards the film-making process from the stage it's at now through to the shoot. This includes the hire of cast and crew, location hire, equipment hire, lights, costume, props and the production of film memorabilia.

Because the film is set in the 50's it will require a certain look so over the next month or so we will be sourcing vehicles like the old Mini Minor or using modern ones and transforming them! It's going to be really beautiful. We plan to shoot at the first sign of continuous sunlight in the New Year. All we need is 3 bright days!

After the shoot, our film will go into post-production. Once cut and graded, I will enter it in to many film festivals around the world. This is where all our hard work pays off! Audiences at home and abroad will finally get the chance to soak it up and respond to it. We aim to officially release it around Christmas 2015. Together we can take 'In My Father's House' all the way.

In Memory of Pat Hickey, 1914-1963.



The Edit

Hi folks, I'm really pleased to inform you that the 3 day shoot went ahead at the end of March, everyone turned up and we got the film in the can as they say! I'm now working closely with Paul Heary, the editor. We're both focused on making the film the best that it can be. In this creative space things can be fixed, images can be distorted, effects and colour can be added, story order can change, anything can happen, it's a wonderful time! However, it's important for me to keep the short story my Dad wrote in my mind at all times. I'll be in touch with another update soon. Thanks again for all your support.

March is here!

Well March has arrived and with it the dates we shoot this film, the weather is getting warmer which is good for two of our cast who will be braving the Irish Sea for one of our scenes! The crew and I have been very busy organising and sourcing. We recently brought on Anna Harrington as Costume Designer who is taking care of getting all the wonderful clothes the actors will be showing off! We've had a great response from extras who have put themselves forward to give us more bodies for crowd scenes. Production has gone into overdrive, sending out forms and keeping everything above board! Over the next few weeks, I am going into rehearsals with the cast which I'm really looking forward to. That's where the magic happens. Things are falling into place. We'll keep you posted!

In My Father's House - Project Update

It's a busy time for the cast and crew of In My Father's House as we all carry out our various responsibilities, preparing for the shoot at the end of February. Our producer, Gavin Carton, has his hands full with sourcing what's needed under the constraints of the budget. I'm so glad to have him on board! I've been liaising with our Director of Photography and we're very close to making a decision on what camera to use which is very exciting! Tomorrow I'll spend the afternoon in Clontarf, where my father grew up, with the intention of putting myself in his shoes as he experienced the memories expressed in the film. The feedback from the script has been overwhelmingly positive and from people who have been in the business for a long time, it's all very encouraging! Onwards and upwards!

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