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INCAPACITY - photo book

By Patricia Klich


I'm Patricia Klich a visual artist currently based in Dublin, Ireland mostly working in the field of photography and video. My work references personal human experience and psychology. I’m interested in exploring human body form, creating works loaded with metaphors about life, death, reality and identity. I work with mixed media, creating my own visual language. Constructing, reconfiguration and experimentation are the elements that can be found throughout my body of work. I prefer to pose questions rather than seek answers in order to create a dialog between the work and the viewer.

The goal of this project is to make a limited number of special edition hard cover boxed photo books containing my photography. The book is entitled INCAPACITY and is an exploration of the system, uniformity, identical complexity and geometry of life. This theme is demonstrated through the idea of growing up inside confined space which is represented by people/figures photographed inside a large box. The thought process behind this is as follows:

“It is easier or simpler to become in this world boxed, shaped in a consumable way. When you are in school or in work the system is trying to diminish your individuality by grouping individuals, you are this or you are that, part of everything else, to create a mass, a pulp that is easily shaped.  You are marked, numbered, examined and issued with an IQ number. Within drawn lines there is some space for creation because society lives through creating needs. Categorised, digitalised, boxed, programmed, some are more de-limited than others. Trying to fit into the "world being served" some of us get something out of it and some of us don't. Some of us prove that it is possible to break out.”

The book is designed by Emmett Connell and consists of approximately 74 pages of colour photographs. It contains poetry written by Michel Daly and an introduction essay by Gillian Treacy.