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INISH:Island Conversations Festival

By Peadar King


We started INISH:Island Conversations as a way of asserting the importance of the arts and communities on the fringes of society. We asked people to come and talk about "Islands" - but essentially, we were getting people to talk about Isolation in its many forms. We then surrounded them with a patchwork of speakers, musicians, writers, poets and other performers that would give flight to people's imaginations as the conversations alighted throughout the weekend. Four years in - we feel that something very special has come of it.

Running a small festival on a remote island is expensive. The money will be spent predominantly on Artist fees, accommodation and transport (many of them are flown in from abroad. Each year this comes to around €16,000-18,000. We also have a lot of production and promotional costs. Our production rigs, back-line rentals and AV teams cost in the region of €8000. This does not include printing, design, website, PR and other associated costs.

We have a small team of 6 organisers, and a larger team of volunteers (10) who come for the festival itself. We have had a resoundingly positive experience over the past few years and we have kept largely the same teams since the beginning of the project.
Our operation is relatively simple once programmed. All of our events take place in an event hall and we have experienced volunteers and helpers that make sure everything runs smoothly. By selling our tickets in advance on Fund it, we eliminate a lot of uncertainty around attendee numbers.

People and the artists love the festival because it refuses to expand. It stays small and personal, where acts and the public can interact and enjoy conversations in the beautiful surroundings of Inishbofin Island. We want to continue to build relationships with regular festival goers and to involve them in fundraising for an event that has become so special for them. Fund it is the perfect platform to build this type of collaboration between the festival and our audience.

Crowdfunding for this project will also consolidate all of our funding streams. We want to ensure that we have all of our funding in advance of the festival, in order to be able to better plan our logistics. In the past many of our streams ended up taking longer than anticipated to come to us, and we want to avoid, where possible, personal financial involvement as financial bridging.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to hear about our festival and we really look forward to welcoming you on Inishbofin from 31st May to 3rd June 2018! 






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