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Inni-K - Second Album

By Inni-K



I’m very excited to be at the stage where I'm ready to make my second album. Since the release of my debut album in 2015, which was made possible by the generosity of all who supported my Fund it campaign for it; I've been lucky enough to perform all around Ireland, Europe & further afield & am delighted at the growing opportunities to play my music. 

Since then, I’ve been working steadily on songs for my second album, which is due for release March 2019. They are new & different & I can't wait to bring them out into the world. Between now and Friday 7 December I’ll be raising the funds needed to make this happen. 

The Team

I've gathered a wonderful team to help me make this album to the quality & standard I envisage. My main musical collaborator is friend, drummer & percussionist Brian Walsh; whose been playing & touring with me since 2013. We'll be recording in December with engineer & producer Alex Borwick in Dublin & inviting some great guest musicians to join us.  

Why I am Crowdfunding

I am crowdfunding for this project to make up the significant upfront funds needed to accomplish all the costs involved. I really like the direct link crowdfunding fosters between the artist & the audience, who in the end listen & hopefully enjoy the music they have played a role in making happen. The rewards on offer - singing workshops, tickets to the album launch along with the album itself of course - I believe will be enjoyable for both my audience & myself. Some rewards may even serve as nice experiential gift options at this time of year.

Your Contribution

If this Fund it project is successful, all the money received will go directly towards the following: studio rental, engineer's fee, guest musician's fees, mixing, mastering, CD duplication & artwork. 

Buíochas / Thanks

Thank you sincerely for reading & supporting my project. I am excited & totally committed to making this album to the best of my ability. It simply couldn't happen without your support & generosity & for that I am extrememly grateful.