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Into the Light - A book in a box

By Corinaduyn.com


My name is Corina Duyn. I am an author and artist.

Creativity has been hugely important during the past 17 years to help me understand my life lived with chronic illness (M.E./CFS). Writing, drawing, or the making sculptures allows me to see where the boundaries lay, but also to explore the possibilities beyond.

The earlier works had the central theme of the lifecycle of a bird.

‘Egg: something vulnerable, but capable of becoming a new individual’. I could relate to that. Slowly I 'hatched' and found my wings to fly.

These artworks were shown at several solo exhibitions and were the subject of three books to date: Hatched (2006), Cirrus Chronicles (2009) and Flying on Little Wings (2011). Although mainly housebound, these explorations made me part of the world - again.

I was flying. But not recovering physically.

A Disability Studies course in 2012 opened my eyes beyond the personal experience, into the lives of many others living with disability and chronic illness. In a way, I became more grounded.

It was as if the birds had dropped seeds of acceptance, which started to root and grow. This change also made its way into my art. The first such piece was Metamorphosis (the profile image). Firmly rooted. ‘With roots like that she can grow... Into the light’

These studies and my new art were the catalyst to my current creative project: an Artist Book-in-a-Box, called Into the Light.

Into the Light consists of approximately 80 loose A5 sheets, gathered in a custom-made wooden box. (And limited edition Linen Covered box). Each sheet shares an art or nature image, and quote (by another author) on one side. A short reflection on life with chronic illness on the reverse: about fear, hope, acceptance, personal challenges and society’s opinions, living in the now, to moments of gratitude.

The reader becomes part of the project by deciding the sequence of the pages, by taking one out, hanging them up like prayer flags, or posting them off to friends and family.

The project has been basking in kindness. I have received so much practical and moral support - Thank you all. This includes support through the Rehab Visual and Performing Arts, and Waterford City and County Council Arts.

I am close to finishing the writing and the boxes have been designed by Designed4U, and Muckross Bookbindery, with the help of Dave Murphy.

Into the Light will be launched Sunday 6th September at Dechen Shying Care Centre, West Cork (where the project in its current format was conceived). Also Thursday 24th September at Lismore Library, Co. Waterford, which includes an exhibition.

The funds raised will go towards the printing of the pages and production of the two box editions.

If you pledge for one of my sculptures or small tapestries, I would like your permission to have these works available for the exhibition in September.

Click the link below to see my artwork, books and more info on the project.