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Invisible Dearest

By Tact Ohara


- PLOT -
Main character is an Irish guy who is eager to be a writer but can't seem to get out of the rut he is in where we constantly keeps failing at writing competitions. His girlfriend has already gotten a job and their relationship has hit the rocks. His family hosts a Japanese student who goes to English school and loves taking photos in their house. She has a fiance in her own country and is spending her last bit of freedom before marriage. 

One day, she and the protagonist find out from his mother who is a handicraft enthusiast about a sugarcraft competition. She asks the two of them to work together as each entry to the competition requires a story. The two of them decide to make a journey out of it; one writing a story and one taking photos all around Ireland. How will their story unfold? What will they get from the journey?

We would say that this film is not just another success story of a young guy. It shows you our true feelings, all our gratitude and love to Ireland.

We are all from Japan and living in Dublin. The lead, Ohara, has pleanty of experience as a professional cameraman and he began pursuing producing videos creativity 10 years ago. You can watch his works on his HP. Asa Yamada, who is the art director in our team and has gotten awards at sugarcraft competition in England, creates the sugarcraft animals in this film.

At this moment, we almost finished editing it and will adjust the details to make this better. Our casts are all amazing enough to make you moved. Also, we met two wonderful artists. Samantha who has a lot of experiences composed all music for our film. The other is Zar, who made and sang the beautiful theme song.

We DO NOT have any specific funding sources so far. We hope to drum up both Japanese and Irish attention for our project.

Our expected sources are;
Individual sponsors who are in Japan.
Awards in competitions if we win.

We don't have anything to loose but would say Ohara might get bankrupt!

If we are successful in this project, we would be able to cover the cost for entry for the competitions and post production.

***We are planning the screening soon. for more info, please check our official website linked to this page!***

We will be submitting our film to some competitions. Some we expect to enter are;

7.11-16 Galway Film Fleadh
8.3-20 Melbourne International Film Festival
9.16-29 Pia Film Festival
11.2-16 Leeds International Film Festival
11.19-22 Paris Independent Film Festival
11.21-28 Festival des 3 continents

Thank you for being interested in and reading about project! We promise to create this film as great as we can. Please stay tuned and enjoy our work!



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