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Irish International A Cappella Festival

By Ardú Music


The Irish International A Cappella Festival is a new three-day music festival in Dublin celebrating the genre of modern a cappella, taking place between the 14th and 16th of July 2017.

Grammy-award winning a cappella group The Swingles will headline the festival with a performance at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham on the final night of the festival. 

The festival will showcase some of the best Irish talent in an opening concert featuring Ardú Vocal Ensemble, 4 in a Bar, The Apple Blossoms and The Ramparts Chamber Choir.

New and existing Irish ensembles will also have the chance to compete for the winning title of Ireland’s A Cappella Competition at Griffith College Conference Centre. The competition will be divided into two categories (small ensemble and large chorus) followed by an evening final.

Aside from these main events, the festival will also offer a selection of a cappella music workshops with festival director Ciarán Kelly, composer Ollie Lambert and a masterclass with The Swingles themselves.

Ardú Vocal Ensemble has performed throughout Ireland and the UK. We specialise in curating unique a cappella events for Irish audiences. Our aim is to promote diverse performances in unique venues.
The Ardú and Friends concert series is an annual concert in aid of charity at Christmas and is curated, organised and managed by Ardú. In 2016, €1000 was raised for The Simon Communities of Ireland with two concerts held in Dublin and Belfast.

In August 2016, Ardú organised a series of three concerts from 22-27 August as a trial study of an a cappella festival. This featured the first Ireland's A Cappella Competition, showcasing over 60 singers with a sold out audience. As part of the series Ardú also performed their new popular music a cappella set to a sold out audience at The Button Factory, Temple Bar.

Crowdfunding allows us to sell early bird access to our most loyal and committed supporters. Upon completion of this campaign, we will be able to cover our expenses and enjoy the festival as much as possible. Remaining tickets will then go on general sale at a higher price.

We are kindly supported by small grants from Dublin City Council, sponsorship from Dublin Studio Hub, Dublin School of Music, Association of Ireland Choirs with in kind support from RTE Lyric FM.

We have spent a lot of money on securing a high profile headline act as well as the most suitable venues for each day with no expense spared.
Many of our Irish acts have kindly given their time for free but it is our intention to make them well looked after, as well as create a financial legacy, allowing us to make this an annual event in Ireland.

We are determined to create an event that everyone can be proud of, putting irish a cappella on the map and giving out attendees a weekend to remember! Everything is in place - artists, venues, music - all we need now is people!



Who's ready for Irish International A Cappella Festival? Check your inboxes to claim your reward

Hey there, First of all, a huge THANK YOU to all 101 funders who supported our ambitious campaign to launch the first ever Irish International A Cappella Festival. We've been overwhelmed by the support and have spent the last six working extra hard to make this a festival you will be proud to say you were a part of. Thanks to you, we have put together an amazing line up of artists and events in gorgeous venues around Dublin for the biggest celebration of a cappella Ireland has ever seen! Secondly, CHECK YOUR INBOXES for information on how to claim your IIACF reward. For those of you who have booked passes and tickets to our festival events, these can be collected from any of our festival venues throughout the weekend. Details here: Friday 14th July St Finian's Lutheran Church, 23 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2 Box Office open from 4.30pm Saturday 15th July Griffith Conference Centre, South Circular Road, Dublin 8 Box Office open from 2pm Sunday 16th July Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin 8 Box Office Open from 11am All early bird funders will have reserved seating at each concert, so make sure you get the good seats! For more programme information, please visit www.IrishACappella.com or follow our behind-the-scenes over on Facebook and Twitter. #IrishAcappella The Irish International A Cappella is now just 1 week away so keep spreading the word - See you there! With thanks, All at Irish International A Cappella Festival HQ

A Message for Artistic Director Ciarán Kelly

Hi, Ciarán here, Artistic Director of the Irish International A Cappella Festival. We’ve had quite an exciting campaign so far raising funds for the festival with over 53 people donating online so far as well as another 80 people who attended our fundraiser event in Listowel a few weeks back. I’m delighted to have reached over 65% of our target! We've seen a lot of change in a cappella music in Ireland over the past while with more groups forming, more music being written in an a cappella style and just in general, more awareness of the genre. Unfortunately though, a cappella still does not have the same dedicated national platform in Ireland that you see with choral singing, opera, contemporary music or any other genre of classical music. This summer, myself and Ardú hope to create this platform for Irish a cappella and show Irish AND international audiences the extreme talent we have here, give our Irish ensembles a place to perform and celebrate our amazing musicians and vocalists. Supporting our fundit campaign helps to further the growth of Irish a cappella music so thank you for helping us get this far! With just three days left, please do share this message and encourage others to contribute €50 towards the festival. This €50 it will make it possible for us to cover expenses such as buying 1 dinner for our Irish artists who have so kindly given their time to the festival free of charge. In return for this generous donation, we offer access to all three of our evening concerts during the festival 14-16 July. These are the Gala Concert with Ardú, 4 in a Bar and more, access to Ireland's A Cappella Competition final and an entry ticket to see a cappella masters The Swingles! The campaign will close this Friday, 26th of May and as an all-or-nothing campaign, we are relying on our friends and followers to help us reach our ambitious target of €10,000. Here's the link to the campaign page: http://fundit.ie/project/irish-international-a-cappella-festival Many many thanks in advance for your continued support. Ciarán

30% Raised AND Our First Festival Fundraiser in Listowel, Co. Kerry

A few weeks ago, we held our first festival fundraiser event in St. John’s Theatre and Arts Centre, Listowel. The event was a variety concert featuring Ardú Vocal Ensemble alongside a number of local artists performing poetry, song, music, drama and comedy. It was such a wonderful evening that we thought we would share some of the highlights from the evening with you… The night began with an introduction by Billy Keane and a recitation of his poem The Starman following by the wonderful singer/songwriter Mick Mac Connell who performed a number of his songs including the famous “Only Our Rivers Run Free”. John McKenna played a variety of jazz standards on the piano and he was joined on stage by Soprano Katelyn Galvin to sing "I dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls" and the crowd favourite "Villa". There was a trad session on stage by Jim Gornall and company who played a selection of jigs, polkas and reels to liven the crowd up again after a lengthy first half. Last of our special guests were four young alumni of St. John’s Youth Theatre who left the crowd in stitches with their hilarious production of “This is a Play”. This metaplay followed three young actors and their personal thoughts as they struggle with bad stage direction and unoriginal musical score from the onstage composer. Huge thanks to all our performers, to those who supported our event in Listowel and to Geraldine & Chris Fitzgerald and Joe Murphy who worked tirelessly to make the event a reality - We were overwhelmed with the response from the community in Kerry and raised some much needed funds for the Irish International A Cappella Festival! There are just 12 days left to donate to the festival and hit our target of €10,000. Thanks to our 32 online funders so far who have brought us to 30% - Please continue to share the campaign and looking forward to an amazing festival in July made possible by you! Thank you again, Ardú

An Irish A Cappella Revolution - Why We Need The Irish International A Cappella Festival

A cappella in its modern form is one of the most innovative and unique developments of the use of the voice, in recent years! While being an incredibly accessible form of music, as proven by its recent popularity across the world, it also requires definite skill and technique. Indeed, a cappella singing displays all four forms of vocal skill from the use of percussive elements, instrumental mimicry, close harmony and virtuosic singing. In 2009, contemporary a cappella began its rise in popularity with American reality competition “The Sing Off”. In 2011, the competition went on to introduce probably the world’s best known a cappella group Pentatonix, whose YouTube video of their Daft Punk melody reached millions online. The musical TV show “Glee” brought all male a cappella group The Warblers to our TV screens and in 2012, the movie Pitch Perfect, depicting the struggles of a university female a cappella group led by Anna Kendrick became an instant hit! The movie earned over $115 million worldwide. It has since become the second highest­ grossing music comedy film of all time, behind School of Rock. The film was very influential even with Irish audiences. A cover of the “Cups Song (When I’m Gone)”, as performed in Pitch Perfect, featured on the 2013 RTÉ Late Late Toy Show and an Irish translation by TG Lurgan reached over 3 million on YouTube. We know that a cappella music was popular before 2009 with groups like The King’s Singers and The Flying Pickets entertaining huge audiences since the 1960s. However, modern technology, film and television have made this genre known and loved by an even wider audience than before. Now is a very exciting time for the genre of modern a cappella so what are Irish artists doing for a cappella in Ireland? Modern A Cappella Music In Ireland Ireland boasts a thriving culture of amateur and professional choral singing with over 30,000 singers across the country. Our choral festivals like Sligo International Choral Festival, The City of Derry International Choral Festival and Cork International Choral Festival attract thousands of participants every year. These events have even brought international headline a cappella acts like The Real Group and The Swingles to the Irish stage. Irish choral group Anúna have probably made the most contribution to the genre of modern a cappella singing in Ireland. Their arrangements of pieces like Dúlamán, Fionnghuala and August are regular concert favourites for choral and a cappella ensembles alike. Inspiring the Next Generation of Modern A Cappella Along with Anúna, our choral ensembles like Chamber Choir Ireland and New Dublin Voices continue to make huge contributions to the development of choral singing and contemporary Irish music but there’s still a gap in the market for a premier Irish a cappella group. Organisations The Association of Irish Choirs and The Association of Irish Barbershop Singing are keen advocates of the genre. Younger groups like The Trinitones, Ardú Vocal Ensemble, 4 in a Bar, The Key Notes and many more have laid solid foundations for a thriving a cappella culture in Ireland but still more can be done. Last year, Ardú founded Ireland's A Cappella Competition which gave a platform to over 60 a cappella singers to perform to a sold-out audience! Following on from this success, the Irish International A Cappella Festival aims to be bring Irish a cappella to an international stage while also creating more opportunities for vocal harmony groups in Ireland, outside of the usual choral festival scene. Another, but equally important goal of IIACF, is to provide an incentive for more Irish groups to form. It’s obvious that Ireland has a multitude of talented singers along with brilliant composers and arrangers. The audience for modern a cappella is primed, ready and waiting and events like these and the Irish International A Cappella Festival could be the beginnings of a national platform for modern a cappella singing in the future! Massive thanks to our 8 funders so far - your support really makes a huge difference! Original post available on www.irishacappella.com

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