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Irish Youth Chamber Choir Debut EP

By Irish Youth Chamber Choir


What is the Irish Youth Chamber Choir?
In 2011, Irish Youth Choir realised a long held ambition: to create a smaller chamber choir, selected from the ranks of the larger main Irish Youth Choir for singers aged 18-28. That’s us, the Irish Youth Chamber Choir! Singing some of the most dazzling repertoire from around the world, this smaller group of singers blends the fire and energy of youth with innovative programming under the direction of Greg Beardsell. At its core, what the group really wants is to bring all the vibrancy and beauty of choral music to a larger audience because we know that music makes people’s lives better.

Why are we doing a Fund it campaign?
We are always working to enhance peoples live through music - we’ve toured around Ireland, worked with the Irish Concert Orchestra, performed at a BBC Prom, and been inspired by all the audiences we’ve met. It’s now time we set something down for the record: an EP called “Heavenly Bodies”. We are eager to connect with audiences outside of performances, and think this is a great way to do that.

Beyond our goal of audience connection, having the music we create available on CD will inspire singers to join the Irish Youth Choir. We know it will be an invaluable tool to help the choir move on to bigger things so that when new members do join, we have even more opportunities to offer. An EP is also crucial when applying to funding bodies to show them that their choice to support is a good one. We would love to be a part of something that could help the Irish Youth Choir go from strength to strength, because fundamentally - once more with feeling - we know that music makes people’s lives better!

Our parent organisation is the Association of Irish Choirs, and every year they heavily subsidise the week-long course at the University of Limerick. They have the best tutors around so that young people of all standards can come to sing and live with music for a week. A huge amount of funding goes into this course (which would otherwise be priced totally out of reach) and while we think recording an album will be rewarding and important, we don’t want to take any vital resources away from the larger choir. This is why we need you.

The EP will hopefully be recorded over September 2014 and released shortly after this. We need to cover the cost of rehearsing, studio time, mixing, mastering and producing and it all adds up to much more than we can manage on our own. Anything you can contribute will make a difference, and if you can share and spread the good word, we would be so grateful. With your help, we can turn this ambition into reality. We cannot do it without you! Thank you!

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Thank you!

Dear Funders, The EP has been launched and this is our final activity update! What an exciting project this has been. Rise up my love was launched by Judge Catherine McGuinness at the Freemasons Hall in Dublin on the 24th of January. The choir’s performance of a selection of pieces from the EP was warmly received by an audience of funders, family and friends. The CD is now available from the Ergodos online shop: https://ergodos.ie/shop/rise-up-my-love/ It is also currently stocked in The Music Box in the National Concert Hall, Dublin, and in Plugd Records, Cork and is available digitally from iTunes. Tracks from the recording have been featured on Lyric FM multiple times so far and details of the EP release have also been featured on the RTÉ website. Listen out for more air time! With generous support from an Arts Council touring grant, the Irish Youth Chamber Choir will be touring the country in Spring. If you haven’t had a chance to see them perform yet, you must not miss this chance! Here are the dates, times and venues they will visit: 14th March: Christchurch, Waterford 8pm (tickets via www.uch.ie) 25th April: Hugh Lane, Dublin 12noon (free entry) 26th April: Church of the Assumption, Tullamore 7.30pm (tickets via www.uch.ie) 2nd May: Triskel Christchurch 1.30pm (inquiries via Cork Choral Festival: 021-4215125) For further information call the Association of Irish Choirs on 061 234823. We hope to see you there! This has been a hugely successful project and it would not have been possible without the support and work of each individual. Thank you all once again for funding it! Best wishes and stay in touch, Katie.

Nearly there!

Dear Funders, With your kind support we have recorded an EP! Thank you! The Irish Youth Chamber Choir sang for two days straight in October and now the product of their hard work is being edited and prepared for production. There have been some slight delays in the editing process so we regret to inform those of you who may be waiting for your copies of the EP’s that they may not be available until after Christmas. We really hope to get them to you before then but if not please do bear with us as they will be available in January when we also hope to hold the launch, which the choir is very excited about! The title of the EP has been changed to “Rise up my love”, as the artistic director felt it more appropriate, and it will contain the following pieces: I gaze upon you, Gabriel Jackson Rise up my love, Howard Skempton Māte saule, Peteris Vasks A boy and a girl, Eric Whitacre You will soon receive an email asking to fill in some of your details on a survey which will make it much easier for us to distribute rewards. Thank you in advance for your help with this! We promise it will only take a couple of minutes to complete. Thank you again for your support and your patience. If you have any queries on the EP or when the rewards will be distributed please do not hesitate to contact us at aoic@ul.ie or 061 234823. (Follow the link to see the Irish Youth Chamber Choir at the end of the recording weekend: http://tinyurl.com/ow7fkjh)

Thank you funders!

It has been two weeks since the success of the Irish Youth Chamber Choir (IYCC) Fund it campaign, we’re preparing for the recording weekend in October, and I still cannot believe how successful the campaign was! How kind all of you funders are! On behalf of the choir and the administration at the Association of Irish Choirs, I thank you all so much. From those who gave €5 to those who gave €500, we are all incredibly grateful. For the EP the IYCC will be teaming up with music company Ergodos, who will be recording and producing the EP. This is an exciting partnership as Ergodos is run by two Irish composers, Garrett Sholdice and Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, who both have an interest in choral music and the repertoire IYCC have chosen to record. Find out more about them here: https://ergodos.ie/about/ The recording venue will be the chapel in St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra. Once the recording is complete we will be planning for the EP launch and we look forward to seeing funders there! As you have all so kindly supported this endeavour, we feel that we should share some information about how funds will be spent. After Fund it costs and credit card charges have been covered, 50% of the funds will be spent on recording, 40% will be spent on editing, mixing, mastering, design, duplication and printing, 6% will be spent on the EP launch and 4% will be spent on distributing copies of the EP along with other rewards to our lovely funders. Keep an eye on your email for details of the launch and when you can expect to receive your rewards. I am sure you’re all as excited as I am to hear what this talented lot produce! Thank you all so much once again, Katie. Development Officer, Association of Irish Choirs.

Just under a week to go, we're over halfway there!

It’s getting to crunch time now everyone! On behalf of all of us involved in IYCC, I want to sincerely thank every single one of our funders. Since our last update this campaign has really taken off, with this week seeing a major milestone being accomplished; we’ve reached past the halfway mark, and now have 60% of our target! Watching the numbers climb every day from the beginning of this campaign has been an inspiration in its own right, and we could never have dreamt of coming this far without your support. On this note, many thanks to the Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, Co. Waterford, for their extremely generous donation of a voucher for a three-course meal for two in their either their Waterford restaurant or the Cliff Townhouse in Dublin. As an added bonus for our funders, anyone who pledges the campaign before Wednesday the 13th at 8pm will be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize! The plans for this EP are really coming together at this stage. Dates have been booked, recording sessions are sorted and we are happy to announce the repertoire we hope to record! Each of these pieces have been included in the concerts from the IYC Heavenly Bodies series in Limerick and Dublin, and they are: Rise up my love – Howard Skepton I gaze upon you – Gabriel Jackson Mate Saule – Peteris Vasks A Boy and a Girl – Eric Whitacre Safe to say, between these plans being set, and our various fundraising efforts, including a number of our members busking at the Kilkenny Arts Festival this weekend, we are totally in gear for this project, and already looking forward to rehearsing and recording in October. However, this campaign is an all-or-nothing effort, meaning that if we don’t reach our target in six days time, all of the money raised goes back to our funders. This week is absolutely crucial in ensuring that this EP goes ahead and that the IYCC has something to show for the work that we do, which will open many more doors for the Irish Youth Choir as whole, and those who wish to participate in future. Take the remaining days to tell people about this campaign; your families, your co-workers, the lad in the post-office, anyone at all! So thank you once again to all our brilliant funders. Thank you for believing in this project, and in the future of youth choral music in Ireland. Yours with sincere gratitude, Chloe Kiely Soprano 1 Irish Youth Chamber Choir

27 days to go, we're at €1385!

To all of our 31 funders, Thank you, Thank you, a thousand times Thank you for helping us get to this stage. We believe so much in the importance of getting this E.P. done, and we're so happy to see that at least 31 of you out there believe in us too. It means the world. To give you a better idea of what you're supporting, I'd like to share a bit about what the experience of being in the IYC is like. To become a member of the Irish Youth Choir is like becoming part of a family - but no, not that family. Get that picture of a perfect family portrait out of your head. Think instead of a family about to travel together. There are problems to be solved, cars to hire, tickets to NOT MISPLACE, passports to remember, bags to pack, decisions to be made, neighbours to drop keys to, ovens to switch off - not to mention the weeks of saving , booking and teasing out logistics that comes before. That's a bit more like it. With 70 singers in the choir, sometimes your part is to lead, sometimes it is to follow, but it is always to be alert, to look forward, and to move together, to make sure no-one gets lost or left behind. Like any family, you have ups and downs, your moments of joy and demotivation (12 hour days will do that to you!), but you pull each other up again. You dust each other down, because hey, you've all got somewhere to be. And you're not going to get there if everyone isn't on board. This this family you have just become a part of, and we are so grateful to you for donating. In this way, the Irish Youth Choir has so much to teach us about life, mistakes, and large scale teamwork. At the IYC residential week, if you haven't come to learn these things, you've come to renew your understanding of them. Now at 26, I'm not exactly over the hill, or even approaching the top of it, but when I realised that a lot of my fellow singers this year were just out of secondary school, my overwhelming feeling was excitement. I knew just how much the week would push them, I knew how much they were about to grow as people and as singers. I couldn't wait to learn what they had to teach me. It's a demanding week, and if you learning nothing else, it's that a strong sense of intent and connectedness is hard to maintain in your music making, but it pays in joy. It was an incredible week, and I am so honoured that I was chosen to be in the Irish Youth Chamber Choir, to represent them. But we're here because as members of the IYCC, we know there's more that we can do. This E.P. is about great music, but crucially it's also about beginning a journey toward greater sustainability for our choir and greater equality in its membership. A high quality E.P. is something we need if we are to get better concerts, better gigs and better opportunities to generate some form of income to sustain not only the IYC but the IYCC, and even if we only make enough for one singer to attend who wouldn't have made it otherwise, it will be worth it. We know that music doesn't pass over anyone because of their socio-economic background, but the opportunities to received guidance and tuition do, because they are often tied up with money. We want to open our eyes to that, and we want to push against a culture that tells us that people getting left behind is just the way it is, because it doesn't have to be. We know it won't happen overnight, but we believe that it's time to start looking to the future of our choir with a view to reaching out with the best tool we've got - our voices and our music. An E.P. may seem like not very much to achieve all this, but we hope that down the line we can listen back and say "This is where it started". It started with you, it started with 31 of you, it started with our first €1385. And no-one got left behind. Yours in gratitude! Emma O'Reilly Soprano 2 Irish Youth Chamber Choir

Thank you to our first funders!

A huge thank you to everyone who has funded so far! As I write, the Irish Youth Choir and its Chamber Choir take a break from the intense daily rehearsal schedule of our annual residential course. At the end of our single week together, both the IYC and the IYCC have established an expressive, mature and sensitive sound. Now, we’re gearing up for our concerts in Limerick tomorrow and Dublin the following day! Following auditions earlier in the week, the new Irish Youth Chamber Choir began its rehearsals of Howard Skempton’s “Rise up, my love” which we will perform in these concerts. With texts taken from the Bible’s Song of Songs, the four pieces of this work are delicate, tender and full of sensuality. Progressing so fast through that work, we've also taken on another! John Sheppard’s ‘Libera nos, salva nos’ is a beautiful work of immersive Renaissance polyphony which we can't wait to sing in the amazing cathedral acoustics of our concerts. Thank you again to our first funders for being with us from the start. It is an exciting time for the IYC and the IYCC. Spread the word and help us reach our target! Robbie Blake Bass member of IYC & IYCC Assistant Conductor of IYC 2014

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