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Irish Youth Chamber Choir Debut EP

By Irish Youth Chamber Choir


What is the Irish Youth Chamber Choir?
In 2011, Irish Youth Choir realised a long held ambition: to create a smaller chamber choir, selected from the ranks of the larger main Irish Youth Choir for singers aged 18-28. That’s us, the Irish Youth Chamber Choir! Singing some of the most dazzling repertoire from around the world, this smaller group of singers blends the fire and energy of youth with innovative programming under the direction of Greg Beardsell. At its core, what the group really wants is to bring all the vibrancy and beauty of choral music to a larger audience because we know that music makes people’s lives better.

Why are we doing a Fund it campaign?
We are always working to enhance peoples live through music - we’ve toured around Ireland, worked with the Irish Concert Orchestra, performed at a BBC Prom, and been inspired by all the audiences we’ve met. It’s now time we set something down for the record: an EP called “Heavenly Bodies”. We are eager to connect with audiences outside of performances, and think this is a great way to do that.

Beyond our goal of audience connection, having the music we create available on CD will inspire singers to join the Irish Youth Choir. We know it will be an invaluable tool to help the choir move on to bigger things so that when new members do join, we have even more opportunities to offer. An EP is also crucial when applying to funding bodies to show them that their choice to support is a good one. We would love to be a part of something that could help the Irish Youth Choir go from strength to strength, because fundamentally - once more with feeling - we know that music makes people’s lives better!

Our parent organisation is the Association of Irish Choirs, and every year they heavily subsidise the week-long course at the University of Limerick. They have the best tutors around so that young people of all standards can come to sing and live with music for a week. A huge amount of funding goes into this course (which would otherwise be priced totally out of reach) and while we think recording an album will be rewarding and important, we don’t want to take any vital resources away from the larger choir. This is why we need you.

The EP will hopefully be recorded over September 2014 and released shortly after this. We need to cover the cost of rehearsing, studio time, mixing, mastering and producing and it all adds up to much more than we can manage on our own. Anything you can contribute will make a difference, and if you can share and spread the good word, we would be so grateful. With your help, we can turn this ambition into reality. We cannot do it without you! Thank you!

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