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Irreconcilable Differences

By Refractive Lens Theatre



Having worked on a dozen short and full length plays (and short films) over the past eight years, Alan is a skilled writer who has received national recognition at the Irish Student Drama Awards and the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. At the IDGTF his show "BILLY REDDEN" picked up awards for Best New Writing, Best Actor and the Spirit Of The Festival award, while he will be making his North American debut this year in Toronto with a production of new play "RINGING IN YOUR EARS".

As Polly and Ben, Laura Kelly and Killian Sheridan bring a wealth of experience to the roles - from the aforementioned "BILLY REDDEN" to "HAY FEVER", "SIVE" and "KING LEAR" - while the crew have produced everything from "THE PILLOWMAN" and "FROZEN" to large-scale award-winning shows like "RENT" and "SPRING AWAKENING" at The Helix and The Olympia.

The commitment is there, and everyone involved is chomping at the bit to bring this new piece of work to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - the largest and most respected theatre festival in the world. It's a chance to showcase new writing, new theatre and the cream of Irish talent.


But the Fringe is expensive - and since the advent of talkies in the late 1920s, working in the world of theatre hasn't exactly been the most lucrative career in the world. We're a group of dedicated folk, all we need is a little support towards inevitable costs like accommodation, publicity and venue production.

If you'd like to support new writing, new theatre, and Irish talent abroad please, please do give what little (or much, or gold doubloons) you can.