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'Is Christmas Cancelled?' Rhyming Story

By Kitty K Rhymes


“Is Christmas Cancelled?” is my first publication and is the launch of my new start up business 'Kitty K Rhymes'.

It is beautifully illustrated by my life long friend Mick McCabe, with whom i hope to work with on more fantastic products.

The lovely rhyming story can be enjoyed by anybody that loves Christmas!

The musical rhythm makes it easy for a child to read for themselves but even nicer to listen to an adult deliver it to them. The artwork is modern and exciting. It would make a fabulous Christmas gift for anybody.

‘Early on one Christmas Eve, as Santa was getting ready to leave. Something happened that made him frown. A very heavy fog came down, "OH NO" he said "OH DEAR OH DEAR! IT'S GONE AND HAPPENED AGAIN THIS YEAR, AND THE WEATHER REPORT SAYS HEAVY SNOWS. WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT RUDOLPH'S NOSE?'

It’s a really foggy, snowy Christmas Eve and poor Rudolph is terribly sick. Santa’s sleigh cannot fly without light so there is a world newsflash to inform everyone that Christmas will be postponed. The whole world is terribly sad but one little girl is full of hope and makes a wish. A fairy hears her plea and tries to help by carrying her wish to other children. Children all over the world join in with a chant to help make Rudolph well.

Buy the book to see what happens. Does Christmas really have to be postponed or can children’s wishes save the day?

The writing and the artwork is finished and we just need some funding towards the printing costs.

Monies made from the sale of “Is Christmas cancelled” will go towards further projects in the New Year.
Kitty K Rhymes website is under construction and soon you will be able to meet some of her adorable characters that have wonderful stories of their own.

Tavish the Tortoise travels the world
Princess Peep wears magic glasses
Polly Pond makes the whole world smile



Is Christmas Cancellled

Thanks to all you fantastic funders 'Is Christmas cancelled?' is now printed and ready for distribution. Over the next 48 hours you should all be contacted for your deliver address. Please return information by email at your earliest convenience so that we can get this lovely book in the post to you!

Thanks for the orders so far!

Thanks to those of you who have started the ball rolling with our fundit campaign. Is Christmas cancelled is a lovely book, beautifully illustrated and would make an ideal Christmas present for anyone. Kitty K website is not quite ready yet so for sure this is the best place to place your order for the moment. Please keep spreading the word.

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