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By Jai Thorn


I sometimes wish I stayed inside my mother

This fashion—art event on the 30th of March will be the launch of my new brand Jai Jai. My practice stems from ideas of materiality of the human body. The body as a living object. Using organic materials and fabrics that mimic the human form while replicating tones and textures.

Fabricated art garments are constructed with a minimalistic approach and denote a sense and coverage and ease in respect to the human body. The art garments are combined with constructed living display structures that represent the human form. Models will be used thus making the models living display objects displaying art garments.
Ideas of size and functionality within the art garments become imposed on the work specifically being conceived as gender non-specific.

Your pledge will go towards the rental of the space in which I will be hosting my Launch of my new brand. I will also be contributing towards the payment of my collaborators for their time and expertise.

This Launch will be the start of the brand and hopefully connections will be made and develop into collaboration in art and fashion fields.

I'm a Dublin/Monaghan based artist and designers. My design practice is based on the ideas of minimalist fashion and how the body is utilized within the fashion industry.

I construct steel display structures that I weld in my studio, and materials and plants will be displayed on these structures.
I have several years experience in the fabrication of art garments and the construction of welded structure.

My team of skilled collaborators is extremely important to me and to the development of the project. The skills they contribute to the project are imperative in the development of the event and brand.

I am using Crowdfunding for my project, as it is an effective way to get art and design into a public format.

If I am successful majority of the budget will go towards the payment of the space (The Chocolate Factory) in which my event is being held. It would also pay for the materials to make the art garments and also the welded steel display structures.

I ' m also collaborating with a photographer, graphic designer, musician, video maker and the rental of film equipment I would like to pay them for their skills

If crowdfunding is unsuccessful I face the challenge of covering all event costs myself, i.e. the event space and collaborators fees.